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Sometimes John Peel made mistakes in his series. Obsessive fans, like myself, probably know them all. Here's a list of a few "inconsistencies" in the series:

  • Score's mother is said to have died four years prior to the 1st book. But later, Peel says she died when Score was six years old. Yet, Score was between 12 and 13 in book 1. The math doesn't add up.
  • Helaine is said to own an amethyst first, but in later books it is Score who owns an amethyst.
  • In book 4, Peel calls Helaine's shapeshifting gem an onyx and then in book 5 he calls it an opal.
  • The fire spell is first cast "Shriker Kula prior", but in book 4 it is "Kula Shriker prior".
  • On the cover of the third book (Scholastic ed.), the triad in the mirror do NOT have the right color clothes in accordance with Peel's description (which should match their jewels). This is a mistake on the illustrator, not the author, though.
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