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Romance Between the Characters?

Although it is obvious that Pixel had a crush on Helaine, he falls too easily for any pretty face. Remember Destiny? Besides, he now has Jenna to lock face with. It’s far more interesting to speculate on Helaine and Score hooking up.

For those of you who think I’m grasping at straws, John Peel himself is planning on it!  

Here is Mr. Peel’s word-for-word response:

"Actually, Pixel just has this really romantic nature, so of course he likes Helaine. In "Book Of War", though, he gets a new girlfriend...

"As for Score and Helaine - yes, they're meant for one another. Of course, Helaine's too proud, and Score's too self-centered, for either of them to admit it."


Still don’t believe me? Well, I’ve put together a collection of the subtle hints that Helaine and Score are destined to be. Read and enjoy fellow HR (hopeless romantic) fans!

*** Helaine sat with his [Score’s] head in her lap.
“ I could get used to this style of travel,” Sccore managed to joke. “You’ve got a very nice lap. Cozy.”
“ Don’t get to used to it,” she warned him, feeling her face burn in embarrassment. “You won’t be traveling like this again.”
“ Then I promise to enjoy it as much as possible this time,” he told her. … Helaine brushed his hair out of his eyes. She wasn’t sure how she felt exactly, but she knew that she didn’t want to lose him…

From Book of Earth pg. 58-59 (Scholastic ed.)

*** There was a tightness in Helaine’s throat as she realized that she had grown to be very fond of Score. If anything happened to him, it would really hurt her.
From Book of Earth pg. 14 (Scholastic ed.)

*** “I always knew I’d get carried away one day,” Score muttered. “I never figured it would be in your arms, though.”
Helaine blushed…

From Book of Earth pg. 126 (Scholastic ed.)

*** “Pretend to kiss me,” he said. “That way, they won’t see our faces.”
“What?” Helaine looked outraged.
“Just do it,” he gasped. “I haven’t much strength left to fake that I’m enjoying it.” She hesitated a moment, and then grabbed him clumsily, holding her face close to his. He could feel her breath on his cheek…

From Book of Earth pg. 121 (Scholastic ed.)

*** Summoning every last ounce of strength, Score knew he couldn’t just lie in bed and let her walk into her own death. He had to help somehow, no matter what the effort cost him. He couldn’t let her die for him.
From Book of Earth pg. 128 (Scholastic ed.)

*** Bad Tony advised her. “You’ve got a nice face, and my son obviously likes you…”
From Book of Earth pg. 85(Scholastic ed.)

*** Score limped over to join them. Helaine couldn’t help herself; she gave him a big hug. Then she blushed. “I’m glad you’re okay,” she told him, trying to regain her dignity.
From Book of Earth pg 144 (Scholastic ed.)

*** [Notice how concerned Score gets in this passage…]
Score hurried through the cloud of dust. “Helaine!” he yelled frantically. “You idiot! Be alive!”
“I am,” she managed to say, between coughs. “Just.”
You crazy fool,” he snapped angrily. “Whatever made you do a dumb trick like that?”
“Trying to save your life,” she answered. “And it may have been dumb, but it worked.” …
“You could have killed yourself,” Score said, his expression halfway between relief and anger. …
“ Thank you,” he said. “But don’t scare me like that again.”
She raised an eyebrow. “Why, you’d almost think you cared about me.”

From Book of Nightmares pg 68-69 (Scholastic ed.)

*** Helaine could see perfectly. She went pale, and then shook her head.
That’s not it,” she said firmly.
“How do you know?” Score asked her. “Maybe it’s something you need to talk over?”
“That’s not it,” Helaine repeated, almost angrily. “The spell must have found something else I was worrying about…”
Still, he had grown on her. So much so that when she had sought guidance in finding Pixel, the first thing that she had seen had nothing to do with Pixel, and everything to do with Score. She clamped her mind shut on that. There was no way she was going to tell Score what she had seen….

From Book of Noghtmares pg 138 (Scholastic ed.)

*** Thinking of Helaine made him realize that Pixel had been correct earlier. It didn’t feel right being here without her. Somehow, he’d gotten used to having her around. He was actually missing her, and that bothered him. He’d never been one to miss anybody before…
From Book of Thunder pg 95 (Scholastic ed.)

*** There was Helaine. ... She was smiling with ease, and she'd bonded with Score after the adventures they went through together.
From Book of Thunder pg 2
 (Scholastic ed.)

*** Score ran as hard as he could. He couldn't let Helaine face a lake monster alone! He didn't even try to think about why he felt like that. He just had to help somehow.
From Book of Signs pg 91 (Scholastic ed.)

(When Score is talking to Jenna)
" ...And I'm sure we can talk Helaine around..."
Jenna gave him a curious look.
"You really like Helaine, don't you?...
""...Helaine is better that that," Score said firmly.
"Okay, she's having a few problems with the issue, but she'll come around. I know she will."
Jenna cocked her head to one side. "Are you in love with her?"
Score felt himself blushing like Pixel...
Book of War pg 128

...He loked at Helaine again. "I confess your offer has a certain appeal to it" "Not for me," Score said coldly. He turned to Helaine. "Do you want to marry this pet monkey?" he asked her. How could he even think it? Helaine sighed. "I have no choice." "There's always a choice." Lord Peverel leaned forward "Why do you care what she does?" he asked "Do you wish to marry her yourself?" Score blushed brighter than even Pixel could...Helaine looked at him uncertainly. Was he making so much fuss because he did care for her?
Book of War pg 202-203

(Notice how annoyed Helaine seems at the thought that Score might like Jenna)
Why couldn't Score at least see this? He wasn't in love with the little wretch- at least, Helaine was pretty sure he wasn't. Score did tend to have an eye for a pretty girl- and for a peasant Jenna was quite fetching. If you like the doe-eyed, subservient, stupid type. Some boys did, she knew. Did Score? Then she was annoyed...
Book of Oceans pg 24-25

The woman scowled. "They are our enemies. They tried to kdnap or kill us. Why should we help them at all? We should feed them to the fish."
Helaine scowled at the woman, and brought her sword up to threaten her. "They are human beings in need. You will help them or answer to me." The woman paled and rushed off to recruit help.
Score looked at her with some affection. "Weren't you the one just suggesting their use as shark kibble?" he asked her.
" I was merely venting," Helaine replied with dignity. "I knew that." Score patted her shoulder. "I'm proud of you; one day you'll be a real girl, Pinnochio."
" Half the time I do not know what your talking about," Helaine complained, but there was a slight lift to the edge of her lips. Score thought it looked kind of nice on her...

Book of Oceans pg 69

It was up to Score to figure out a way to accomplish this rescue, but he seemed out of ideas- except for ones about her in barely any clothing..."It seems as if all you can do right now is think of girls in bikinis," she complained. "Can't you be more useful?" "Spoilsport..." then he brightened again "Helaine you're a genius! You got me thinking the right way after all! Babes in bikinis can be a bright idea," he grinned. "There's this James Bond movie with a girl in a bikini, and she collects seashells. That's what we need- a huge seashell." Abruptly he kissed the end of her nose. "See even when you complain you inspire me." Helaine found herself blushing...
Book of Oceans pg 80-81

Larmon looked worried. "Three of us against a shipful of pirates?" he questioned looking very worried. "Two of us," Helaine corrected. "After all, we want to give them a fair fight." Score raised an eyebrow. "Hey that was a joke. Not a very good one but definitely the right species. You're starting to live right my girl." He patted her shoulder. "I'm very proud of you." "Concentrate on moving our craft," she told him with a sigh. But he was sure there was a little sparkle in her eye. Maybe she actually did like him...
Book of Oceans pg 124

That's all folks.

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