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Feb. 2006
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Series Out of Print?
Where Can I Get Diadem Books?
Is There A Romantic Connection Between Any of the Main Characters?
Do you personally know John Peel?
Are you sure you really interviewed THE John Peel?
Can I have Peel's e-mail address?
How can I contact John Peel?
Will you Post My FanFic/FanArt?
Why haven't you updated already?!

"Is the Series Out of Print? / Where Can I Get Diadem Books?"

Although the original Scholastic version is out of print, some used book stores carry the series. Also Check out e-bay and /or your local library.

Good news! Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing has reissued the first six books, and commission new ones.
** happy happy joy joy **

The Series is now being published as Diadem: Worlds of Magic. The main reason for the title change is that most people don't know what a Diadem is (technically, a crown/circlet, and a symbol of royalty) and (hopefully) this title will attract more readers.

Current list of books are:
Diadem #1: Book of Names
Diadem #2: Book of Signs
Diadem #3: Book of Magic 
Diadem #4: Book of Thunder 
Diadem #5: Book of Earth 
Diadem #6: Book of Nightmares 
Diadem #7: Book of War (beginning of new books by Llewellyn Worldwide )
Diadem #8: Book of Oceans
Diadem #9: Book of Reality
(Feb. 2006)
Diadem #10: Book of Doom (June 2006)

You can order the books from or directly from Llewellyn.


"Is There A Romantic Connection Between Any of the Main Characters?"

Yes! John Peel himself confirmed it. Helaine and Score are to be a romantic pair. Pixel also finds himself a girlfriend (Jenna) in Book of War. Go to the Romance page for further details.


"Do you personally know John Peel?"

Not really. However, I was lucky enough to land an online interview with him recently and we exchange a few e-mails.


"Are you sure you really interviewed THE John Peel?"

I'm pretty sure I was actually speaking to John Peel. If not, it was quite an elaborate hoax as I have also talked to his wife (via e-mail) and he has linked my site on his personal webpage. He has also responded to my postings on his guestbook.


"Can I have Peel's e-mail address?"

I make a policy of not distributing Mr. Peel's address as a courtesy towards him. He was kind enough to take the time to help me, and I don't find it fair to distribute his e-mail address to the public at large.


"How can I contact John Peel"

You can sign John Peel's guestbook at his personal webpage. You could also try writing to him c/o Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing.


"Will you Post My FanFic/FanArt?"

Always! Or pretty much always. As long as it's rated PG-13 or milder, it's welcome. I will take a while to update (as much as I love my site, I do have a life). Just send any material to luna_314 at


"Why haven't you updated already?!"

Because I'm busy. I started this web site back when I was in middle school, and now that I'm graduating college, I have far less time to devote to this.

For more info on the series, check out the Diadem Encyclopedia

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