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Cafe Croma in Livadia on Tilos

Cafe Croma in Livadia serves breakfasts in the morning and evening meals including chicken curry night every friday. They have a large range of beers, ciders, wines and spirits including scottish malts and speciality cocktails. All customers can also take advantage of the free wi-fi facility in the bar with unlimited use. The bar is run by Rob and Annie who one day packed their bags and exchanged their lives in the rain of Manchester in the United Kingdom for a sunnier existance in the sun on their favorite Greek island: Tilos.

Robs' local information: "We have had the bar for two full seasons going into our third in 2009. There are 3 vehicle rental agencies mopeds and cars, two main villages, Livadia which is the port and easily the most busy and Megalo Horio the capital very traditional whitewashed village built into the side of a mountain and the islands capital with the town hall etc. There are approximately 45 places to eat and drink, mostly offering traditional greek fayre, in my opinion of a pretty good standard and not an expensive island compared to its' larger neighbours Rhodes and Kos. In between the two villages is a village abandoned some 50 years ago which hosts a spectacularly atmospheric all night bar between june and september, it truly is beautiful up there and is open between 11pm and 5am.

There are over a dozen beaches some only accessible by boat and most involve a walk, they are a mixture of sand and stone. Public transport involves a regular bus servicing all parts of the island for 1 euro (2009) and Nikos the friendly taxi but only before midnight, yes there is only 1 taxi. People who do find Tilos come back year after year and are a little protective about their "little secret". We on the other hand want the whole world to come here and have a beer or gin & tonic (the best on the island by he way) with us!"

Hans Huisman, 2014
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