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The beaches of Tilos in Greece

The main beach of the island of Tilos is the town beach of Livadia. It is a clean pebble beach beach where there are facilities and you can rent parasols and sunbeds. Since the beach is in the village there are tavernas where you can get a drink or something to eat and there is a choice in accommodation. The beach is long and narrow and even in high season it does not get overcrowded.

Eristos Beach is the most famous beach of the island of Tilos. It is a 1200 meter long sandy beach where naturism is also allowed. The beach is covered with trees and it is concidered to be the best of the island. Busses that run between Livadia and Megalo Chorio will make a stop here. Slowly Eristos beach is becoming more touristic and a new hotel and an apartment complex have been built here, offering parasols and sunbeds as well. Most of the beach is still unspoilt and quiet though. Probably the best option for naturists.

2 Kilometers east of Megalo Chorio are the smalle settlement and the nice beach of Agios Andonios (or sometimes also called Agios Antonios) which is named after a chapel that can be found here. The Chapel of Agios Antonios had frescoes that were all but one destroyed by the Germans during World War II. At Agios Antonios Beach you can see also see the petrified remains of human skeletons. It is believed that they were sailors that were caught in the Nisyros island vulcanic eruption of six hundred Before Christ.

Lethra Beach is situated at a 45 to 60 minutes walking distance of Livadia on the north east side of the island. After about five minutes after leaving Livadia there is a walking path on right side of the road that climbs over a hill and than leads you down along te coastline. Lethra Beach is a pebble beach and if not too crowded (usually out of high season) this is also a place for the naturists.

Agios Sergios Beach is situated in the south of the island and can be reached on foot and sometimes there is a trip by traditional fishing boat from the harbour of Livadia. Agios Sergios is a quiet beach that is set in a cove and surrounded by high mountains.

Plaka Beach in the north of the island of Tilos is quiet and unspoilt with the exeption of the month of August. The far end of the beach is a naturist area (there is a sign "no nudism" but nobody seems to care). The beach can be reached on foot from Agios Andonios.

There are many other small beaches which are accessible only on foot like for instance Red Beach, Skafi Beach, Tholos Beach and Stavros Beach. You can get details and a map for the walking routes at the Little Island office in the harbour of Livadia. These beaches are a good option for people that are looking for a beach that is quiet and peaceful, and also sometimes it will be an opportunity to jump into the sea without your textiles because often you will find yourself alone on these more isolated beaches.

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