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The ferries to Tilos
ANES-Symi Lines Blue Star Ferries

The Seastar is the local fast ferry from Rhodes to Tilos. The trip takes about one and a half hour. Other ferries call upon the island, amongst which the well known Blue Star Lines. Tilos has ferry connections with Symi, Rhodes, Halki, Nysiros, Kos, Kalymnos and several other islands. ANES-Symi Lines (see picture on the left) makes the route Rhodes - Symi - Tilos - Nysiros - Kos and then the same route back. This ferry is a small car ferry. Blue Star Ferries (see picture on the right) makes the route Rhodes - Tilos - Nysiros - Kos - Kalymnos - Astypalea - Piraeus (Athens) and back.

Note: schedules of ferries can change depending on the season and they vary from year to year, so always check. If you check and cannot find any schedules on than you are probably too early and the timetables haven't been approved yet. Please try again later in the season. Sometimes the owner of the hotel you booked knows best and you can ask him / her.

You can check initiaries and book a ticket online at Ferries in Greece. Especially if you want to book a superfast ferry in the high season this is not a bad idea.

Plane tickets and travel to the islands of Tilos

Griekenland reizen If you want to visit Tilos and stay there your entire vacation or a portion of it, it is the easiest to fly on Rhodes or Kos. It would also enable a combination of a number of days on one of these islands and Tilos. Another option is to fly to Athens and then hop on the ferry in Piraeus, but that trip takes of course much longer.

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