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The island of Serifos, situated a little north west of the better known islands of Paros and Naxos, is part of the western Cyclades. The island is 70 km2 large and has a population of about 1100 people. Compared to most other Cycladic islands the island of Serifos is quite green and it has very good beaches. The name Serifos comes from the Greek word "sterfos" which means something like "barren" or "not fertile" but the island does not live up to that reputation.

Although the island of Serifos has much to offer it is less popular than it's close neighbour Sifnos island. Only during weekends and during the peak in the summer holidays lots of people from Athens visit the island. During weekdays and during low season it is less busy on the island. The port were the ferries make their stop is called Livadi. It is situated in a bay on the south east part of the island. The journey from Piraeus (one of the harbours of Athens) takes about 4 and a half hour by normal ferry and 2 and a half hour by higspeed boat. From Livadi the road leads up the hills to the nearby capital of the island, called Chora.

The small and pretty authentically Greek Cycladic village of Livadi has a nice sand beach (the port beach) and a harbour, both with pine trees for shade. Here you find most of the hotels, apartments and studios that are for rent and it is also the place where most of the facilities, like a bank, a supermarket, tavernas and a couple of bars are found.

A short walk southwards will take you to a larger and better beach that is called Livadakia Beach. This beach lies very well protected from the Meltemi winds (a wind that blows over the Greek islands during the summer) and it is surrounded by trees so you can find some shade. It is quite safe for children since its waters are shallow and there are few high waves. This beach once was a nudist beach but it no longer is. A lot of new houses have been built here and new accommodations. Especially during weekends and in the high season Livadakia Beach quickly turns into a textile family affair.

At the end of Livadakia beach there is a path leading to the next beach which is called Karavi Beach. Here it is more quiet and if it is not too busy there is a place for the naturists as well. North east of the port lies the beach of Aulomonas, which can be quite busy. In the southwest of Serifos lies the beach of Koutalas which is the second official nudist beach of the island of Serifos. The whole east coast of the island is littered with beaches.

The path from Livadi port leading north will take you to Lia Beach, Agios Sostis Beach, Psili Amos Beach and Agios Giannis Beach. The best of these beaches is Psili Amos Beach (meaning "beach with fine sand") is at an hour walking distance. On Psili Amos Beach there are a couple of tavernas. The last beach, Agios Giannis Beach, is larger and more quiet, and here you will sometimes also find naturists.

Serifos Serifos Serifos Serifos Serifos
Serifos Hora Serifos Hora Serifos Hora Serifos Hora Serifos Hora and Livadi from the sea

Above the coastal village of Livadi on the hill lies the small capital of Serifos, which is called Hora or Chora. It is largely an authentic Greek village. There are many white houses and narrow streets, a number of squares, some churches and windmills, including a big white church with a blue dome. At the top of the hill is the Venetian fortress of Chora, which was destroyed by pirates in 1210. A path and some stairs lead you up there. On top is the church of Agios Constantinos where you have a great view of the surroundings. From a distance the dense white houses and the bare rock have the look of a snow covered mountain.

In Chora is an Archaeological Museum with finds from the area. There are a number of urns and remains of statues from different periods to be seen. The museum is open in high season between 8.30 / 15.00 and closed on Mondays. The museum is housed in the same building as the (neo classical dating from 1907) Town Hall at the Saint Athanasios Square. This is the most interesting square in the village where you also find the large white church with the blue dome. There is also a Folklore Museum where you can see how people have lived in Serifos, and here utensils, farming tools, furniture, clothing and home-made objects are exhibited as well as a collection of minerals. This museum can be found lower in the village towards the coastal village of Livadi.

Serifos, Koutalas Serifos, Koutalas Serifos Monastery of the Taxiarches Serifos Monastery of the Taxiarches Serifos Monastery of the Taxiarches
Serifos, Megalo Livadi Serifos, Megalo Livadi Serifos, Faros Lighthouse Serifos Panagia Serifos Panagia
map of Serifos sights, plattegrond van Serifos bezienswaardigheden

The village of Koutalas is a coastal village in the south west of the island. Here you find a beach, but above the village lie the remains of the old "Kastro tis Grias", a Hellenistic fortress of great historical importance. There are ruined houses and fortification walls and remains from an early Christian basilica. Nearby are the ruins of a Hellenistic tower known as Aspropyrgos or white tower. Koutalas also has an interesting cave with stalactites and stalagmites. According to several findings they assume that the cave was used as a place of worship in ancient times. The cave has two chambers, a small lake and as a floor with petrified seashells.

The Monastery of the Taxiarches in the north of Serifos is the most important sight of the island. This white painted monastery with its high walls, blue dome and clock tower was built in the early 17th century and it looks like a large fortress. It is situated 8 kilometer north of Hora. During the Turkish occupation of Serifos the Monastery of the Taxiarches was the economical and religious center of the island. In the sacristy important relics, Byzantine manuscripts and rare documents are kept.

Serifos Serifos Serifos Serifos Serifos

In the south west of the island, above Megalo Livadi you find the "Throne of the Cyclops", a construction of very large (cyclops) stones. The building is just nine by seven meters large and from its position high up it looks out over the bay. Mythology tells that the cyclops (giants with one eye) lived in a cave on the island of Serifos and that this was their throne. Megalo Livadi used to be an important village for the mining industry and was built just after 1850. A lot of iron and even gold used to be won in the mines of Serifos. There are remains of buildings from that time and there is monument in memory of the miners that died in the strike of 1916 for better working conditions. Striking is the large iron bridge on a stone build pillar that reaches out into the sea. Here the loading and unloading of the ships took place.

In a valley in the north eastern part of the island of Serifos lies the village of Kentarhos or Kendarhos with its narrow streets, white washed houses and many dovecotes. Here in this village the remains of a vaulted tomb of a Roman centurion have been discovered. A walk of twenty minutes over a path with stone steps that starts at the village of Kentharos will take you to a nice beach (Kentharos beach).

Serifos, Karavi Beach Serifos, Vagia Beach Serifos, Sykamia - Sikamia Serifos, Megalo Livadi Beach Serifos, Psili Amos Beach
Serifos, Psili Amos Beach Serifos, Beach, strand Serifos, Beach, strand Serifos, Beach, strand Serifos, Psili Amos Beach

Platis Gialos Beach is situated in the north east of the island of Serifos, 12 kilometer north of Hora, at the edge of a small village. It is a small beach with mainly sand but also with some pebbles. In order to reach the beach you have to travel the 2 kilometer over a road that is not in the best of condition and the very last part over a dirt track. In Platis Gialos there is a taverne where you can have a drink or something to eat.

Kentarhos Beach in situated the north east of Serifos and can be reached from the small picturesque village of Kentarhos. Kentarhos beach consists of sand and pebbles.

Agios Ioannis Beach is one of the beaches in a row that are situated on the east side of the island, north east of the port of Livadi. Its' name comes from the nearby small church of Agios Ioannis.

Psili Amos Beach (meaning "fine sand") is concidered one of the finest beaches of the island and one of the best beaches in Greece. As the name suggests it is a beach with fine sand. The waters here are shallow and the beach is suitable for families with small children. Psili Amos Beach is situated south of Agios Ioannis Beach and the last part of the road leading to it is a dirt track.

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Serifos-Me3 offers a variety of workshops and activities year-round for visitors and residents of Serifos. Walks (also with special themes), Juggling courses, Greek lessons, Herbs, Greek cooking. From April until October: Yoga, Reiki, Greek dance, Creative writing, Wine, Music and more.

Tel: 0030 699 996 8447 - Send an e-mail to Serifos-Me3

Walks on Serifos - Even though Serifos is a small island it offers a diversity of landscape. The best way to get to know the island and its beauty is to explore it on foot. There are six relatively well-marked hiking trails. Despite the markings it is recommended to take along a good walking map or to walk the trails with someone who knows them. Except July and August Serifos Me3 offers guided hikes, also on non-marked trails. Walks all over the island, with different lengths (walking time 1.5 to 5 hours) and in varying degrees of difficulty. In addition to the general hikes Serifos Me3 also offers special walks, such as Walks for families with children, Walking and learning Greek, Walking with all your senses, historical tours, and depending on the season: collecting herbs and wild greens.

Greek Language - Would you like to speak and understand some Greek? Learn the basics during your holidays in Serifos, where you can use and practice your knowledge at once! Lessons: The Greek Alphabet, Meeting People, Taverna and Kafenion, Shopping, In the Hotel, Asking for Directions, Transportation and more. Walks can be combined with Greek lessons. If you already know some Greek and you want to improve it, We try to speak only Greek during the hike. The accompanying teacher corrects mistakes and explains the underlying grammar if you wish. For beginners we combine the hike with the first Greek-lessons.

Serifos Krinas Car rental

Krinas Car Rental on Serifos - Rent a car / bike on Serifos island

Krinas is a car rental on the island Serifos, recommended by the local people. It is situated in the village of Livadi. The services include motorbike and car rental, ferry ticket sales, a book exchange library and internet service. Krinas will try to assist you with all of your travel needs in Serifos.

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Hotels on the island of Serifos - Naias Hotel
Serifos Hotel Naias Serifos Hotel Naias Serifos Hotel Naias Serifos Hotel Naias Serifos Hotel Naias
Serifos Hotel Naias Serifos Hotel Naias Serifos Hotel Naias Serifos Hotel Naias Serifos Hotel Naias

Located in the popular and picturesque seaside resort of Livadi, this hotel is on the South-East coast of the island, just 500 metres from the port. The Naias hotel is a traditional Cycladic-style 2-building complex, whitewashed with touches of sea blue throughout and is comprised of tastefully furnished rooms. The environment of the hotel is elegant, with a beautiful garden that has potted flowers, where you can sit and admire the bay, the golden beach and the sunset view. The peaceful and lovely surroundings make it one of the most preferred Serifos hotels. Serifos is ideal for all types of visitors, as it features a well-developed tourist area that caters for all tastes. The island offers breathtaking landscapes and over 70 beaches.

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