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map of Serifos beaches, plattegrond van Serifos stranden

Platis Gialos Beach is situated in the north east of the island of Serifos, 12 kilometer north of Hora, at the edge of a small village. It is a small beach with mainly sand but also with some pebbles. In order to reach the beach you have to travel the 2 kilometer over a road that is not in the best of condition and the very last part over a dirt track. In Platis Gialos there is a taverne where you can have a drink or something to eat.

Kentarhos Beach in situated the north east of Serifos and can be reached from the small picturesque village of Kentarhos. Kentarhos beach consists of sand and pebbles.

Agios Ioannis Beach is one of the beaches in a row that are situated on the east side of the island, north east of the port of Livadi. Its' name comes from the nearby small church of Agios Ioannis. At Agios Ioannis Beach there are trees for shadow. The beach is quite large - larger and also more quiet than for instance Psili Amos - and especially out of high season there is room for naturists.

Psili Amos Beach (meaning "fine sand") is concidered one of the finest beaches of the island and one of the best beaches in Greece. As the name suggests it is a beach with fine sand. The waters here are shallow and the beach is suitable for families with small children. Psili Amos Beach is situated south of Agios Ioannis Beach and the last part of the road leading to it is a dirt track. At Psili Amos there are tavernes and there are trees for the people that like to sit in the shade.

Agios Sostis Beach is the beach south of Psili Amos. It is a sandy beach where you also find a smaller cove with pebbles. Agios Sostis Beach is located below the Chapel of Agios Sostis and the last 5 minutes to the beach you have to walk over a path. At Agios Sostis Beach there are trees for shadow.

Lia Beach is the most southern beach in this row of beaches close to eachother in the east of the island of Serifos. Lia Beach is a sandy beach, but it also has some pebbles. It is situated at about 5 kilometer from Livadi. The last 400 meters or so to Lia Beach have to be made walking over a path (but before this path starts there is a parking). The walk makes Lia Beach a little bit more secluded than the other three beaches mentioned above, and so on a quiet day out of high season there is room for the naturists as well. There are some trees for shadow at Lia Beach but there are no further facilities.

The port of Livadi has its town beach, which is closest to all the facilities on the island. The beach is a mixed sand and pebbles beach and there are trees for shade. There are also parasols and sunbeds for rent. North east of Livadi next to this beach lies the beach of Avlomonas, which can be crowded because it is so close to the port (a 5 minutes walk). Avlomonas also has sand and pebbles. There are a few parasols and sunbeds for rent and around the beach there are trees for shade. Here, like in the port of Livadi you find most of the accommodations, tavernes and amenities. On the south west side of the port of Livadi you find the beach of Livadakia.

Karavi Beach, on a 10 to 15 minutes walking distance south of Livadakia Beach, is the islands' naturist beach and it is not very large. Karavi Beach is a sandy beach with some pebbles and there are some rocks (or more like a flat and a bit slippery rock in front of the beach) in the clear water. There are less trees on the beach for the people that want to sit in the shade. The name Karavi means "ship" and the beach got its name from a shipwreck at the entrance of the bay. More houses are being built around this beach and the question is how long it will remain a nudist beach.

Ambeli Beach is one of the beaches in a bay in the south of Serifos. The first part to Ambeli Beach from Livadi can be made by car, but the last part has to to be done walking. The beach is a quiet and sandy beach with some sections with pebbles. To reach Ambeli Beach you pass through the picturesque village of Ramos, where there is another sandy beach. The walk from Ramos to (Kato) Ambeli takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Other smaller beaches in this bay area (the Kalo Ambeli Bay) are Koutalas Beach, Malliadiko Beach and Dyo Gialoudia Beach. There are no trees at Ambeli beach but at certain hours of the day you can find some shade from rocks. Kato Ambeli beach is more remote and thus more quiet.

Vagia Beach is a wide and sandy beach close to Koutalas and at 9 kilometer distance southwest of Livadi. There are tavernes but these cannot always be counted on, so they could be closed. The road to Vagia is not in the best of condition and the last part of the route to this beach has to be done on foot. In the bay were Vagia Beach is situated there are two more beaches. In the west in between Vagia Beach and Koutalas there is Ganema Beach and a bit further west in the bay is Koutalas Beach. Ganema Beach is a beautiful and usually quiet beach with sand and pretty pebbles. Here there are trees on the beach for people that are looking for shade. Koutalas Beach also has sand and pebbles. It lies in front of the village with the same name and there are plenty of trees on the beach. On the way from Koutalas Beach to Megalo Livadi there is another sandy beach with trees. This beach is called Malliadiko.

Megalo Livadi Beach is situated in the south west of the island of Serifos in front of the village with the same name. It is a sandy beach with a lot of trees on it, the waters are shallow, and so it is safe for children as well. The beach is set in a deep bay and most of the times you are out of the wind here. There are tavernes at the beach for those that want something to eat or to drink. Normally Megalo Livadi Beach is not so busy, but because of its shallow waters it does attract families with children.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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