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Fantasy Fair Archeon 2006

Cartoons by Jet de Wilde

Poppen dokter - Doll doctor Shop in Amsterdam

The Hague - an empty city

Decor building   Decor bouw

ShanT and Mary...

Art photography  -  Fotografie

Frigge Timmerwerken Den Haag. - kinderkamer

Tarot by Sona.     Tarot kaarten van Sona.

Hand made cotton paper factory India  -  Hand geschept katoen papier India.

Statues The Hague  -  Beeldentuin Lange Voorhout Den Haag

Ardennen kanoeing  -  Ardennen kano varen

OSHO Ashram


Tibettan Pulsing Healing

Frequencies of Brilliance Shamanic Training

Diving in Egypt  -  Duiken in Egypte

Art Photography  -  Fotografie

ShanT in Nepal

My Altar - How to make an altar  -  Hoe maak je een altaar?

Schilderijen  -  Zonder stroom


Eye of GOD  -  and his face!!!

Inner Warrior Club and Marcus van Soest  -  Inner Warrior en Marcus van Soest


Flower Clown, Ronnie Flower

Tischa in Egypt

Tischa and friends


ShanT and his photography  -  ShanT en zijn fotografie

ShanT as a child  -  ShanT als kind

ShanT in India

Photography  -  fotografie

ShanT's Swans  -  zwanen

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OSHO, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Ashram

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   Here some pictures (photo's, images) from the Ashram in Pune Poona from before Pune 1, Pune 1, the ranch, Greece and Pune 2.... Hope you love 'm as much as I do... You have some photo's from him, rare one's? Please send them to me. Also anything from the Ashram, Rajneesh Puram, etc.  mail me  or Feedback on ShanT's web site . Thank you!

   I have some rare stories on OSHO on this page. Greetings, and may his love and light shine on you...

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Rajneesh Puram



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Sheela talks on her time with OSHO...

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   My mother took me here in 1981. I was not a sannyassin yet. Although living in a commune, she started in our house, I identified myself with hippies, and played Frank Zappa's 'You can make more money as a Butcher', after dynamic meditation was finished in the garden. I went to Rajneesh Puram in Hippie clothes, with army boots. But I was fascinated by Bhagwan, and his disciples. I wanted to meet Bhagwan personally, and would take my bike to a desolated place, where he would pass after passing the crowd. He raced towards me, with high speed, and I jumped back. I had no concept of enlightenment, meditation or Bhagwan himself, but the feeling I wanted to meet him stayed. At home, living with my dad, I started to feel the difference, and getting the urge to return to him. as I did.


Dynamic meditation



    Like a lot of us, we would sleep in one of those small tents, placed on wooden floors, standing above the ground. I remember sleeping there, in the same tent as my sister, a close and old friend of mine. She would have her date, and were trying to make love as quiet as possible, not knowing the whole floor was moving up and down with their action. When their condom tore, and I swear I could hear the tearing, followed by a tense silence, I stood up, told them I was going for the toilet, and that they better finish whatever they were doing before I came back. It was hilarious, although my sister had a fit afterwards...


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    This was really happening. No orgies, but therapy. I have never been in this. It was in the early days, but I remember them coming to my moms commune, where Ted and Sarudjini, and the big wizard- therapist Teertha came. My mother had made a tray with clay for him to step into with his bare feet. She still has it hanging on her wall. 

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Poona, Pune, The gateless Gate...


    This is how I remember it. I have been standing here at the gate as a guard many times. I remember one day, I had morning shift. Six O'clock in the morning. Sannyassins would move in for Dynamic meditation. Another guard, an American ex-cop or CIA, with a lot of unresolved anger, had chosen for one of OSHO's more stranger meditations. Every morning he would start to say 'Fuck You!' to the first ten people he would meet. And of course after telling his Rickshaw driver to 'Fuck Off', and I got a  'Fuck You', there were these little Japanese girls that had a 'Fuck You' too. He did it with conviction, and the poor people who didn't expect this were in astonishment and a bit of shock.



    Especially the nights in the Ashram were beautiful. The tropical environment, and the moist and magical atmosphere were enchanting. I loved to be there. It was my home for many years...

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    New Buddha Hall. I have never seen it. I am a bit hesitant to go back there, when the last time I was there, OSHO was still alive. The stories of power struggle make me stay away. It doesn't sound magical to me anymore, although I have dreams standing at the gate, wanting to go in and be with Him again..






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Here I walked when in training with the Tibettan House. 




The Park has changed in time, but looks beautiful still...


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Group booking

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Vipassana (Maneesha?)


Group work


Yellow Buddha


Small shop or German Bakery? It all looks so clean now.


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Robes for sale...


ShanT and Fiji Baba


ShanT painting. I have still a case with stuff at the white house...


ShanT Living at Meera Nagar

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Christopher Calder

More on Rajneesh Puram


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With Dalai Lama March 2007  Including photo's from Dharmsala..

Beard lama blesses thangka's...

Dharmsala, McLeod Ganj, Monks, Temples and a lot of Um Mani Padme Um...

Nepal 2007, pictures and stories...

Intervieuw with an Australian Monk, living in a nunnery for the past 5 years in Dharmsala. How different is it compared to the commune?


Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche Tulku...
Dilgo Kyentse
Rinpoche Tulku


Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche Tulku with Tischa, my daughter...
With Tischa

Exclusive Thangka's from Nepal

Sadhu's, Sadhu's and Sadhu's...

Two clowns in Nepal, march 2007....

Greetings from Katmandu

Sadhu's, Sadhu's and Sadhu's... and a clown!

Thanka school in Nepal

Erotic ancient art from Nepal...

Orphanage, Hamro Jivan, visited by american clown, Flower clown...




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