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Fantasy Fair Archeon 2006

Cartoons by Jet de Wilde

Poppen dokter - Doll doctor Shop in Amsterdam

The Hague - an empty city

Decor building   Decor bouw

ShanT and Mary...

Art photography  -  Fotografie

Frigge Timmerwerken Den Haag. - kinderkamer

Tarot by Sona.     Tarot kaarten van Sona.

Hand made cotton paper factory India  -  Hand geschept katoen papier India.

Statues The Hague  -  Beeldentuin Lange Voorhout Den Haag

Ardennen kanoeing  -  Ardennen kano varen

OSHO Ashram


Tibettan Pulsing Healing

Frequencies of Brilliance Shamanic Training

Diving in Egypt  -  Duiken in Egypte

Art Photography  -  Fotografie

ShanT in Nepal

My Altar - How to make an altar  -  Hoe maak je een altaar?

Schilderijen  -  Zonder stroom


Eye of GOD  -  and his face!!!

Inner Warrior Club and Marcus van Soest  -  Inner Warrior en Marcus van Soest


Flower Clown, Ronnie Flower

Tischa in Egypt

Tischa and friends


ShanT and his photography  -  ShanT en zijn fotografie

ShanT as a child  -  ShanT als kind

ShanT in India

Photography  -  fotografie

ShanT's Swans  -  zwanen

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   Ayurveda and Hepatitis A

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    This is a story about me getting Hepatitis A in India. And how I got rid of it...

It is an amazing story, showing the advanced science of Ayurveda, and the miraculous recovering from Hepatitis A. How and when I got it, I don't know. I suspect in Nepal, after swimming in the lake in Pokhara, or eating in the restaurant next to the lake. I had a meal, which tasted like lake water, and tried a few bites first... 

Anyway,, after returning to Poona, Pune, and having a beer at a restaurant with some friends, I got sick. I couldn't get out of my bed anymore, totally drained from energy. I was staying with a friend at an apartment, and not knowing what was wrong, he consulted a friend and healer. I had to eat brown rice only, and drink a lot of water. After 6 days, getting one meal a day, I left for the hospital. barely able to walk, I took a Rickshaw. The test results of the blood test were clear. I had hepatitis A. 

(Still Healthy here...)

     I got medicines for curing my liver, and energy tablets, with sugars in it. These I had to take with every glass of water, and because of the bad taste, I started to dehydrate... The other pills were vitamin B -complex pills. To rejuvenate the liver. I was to stay in bed for the next half year... This was awful. I used these medicines for about ten days, when I asked my friend to go see Kalidas Ghandi. An Ayurvedic doctor, whom I had been seeing before treating amoeba and a diphtheria. He came back with a small bottle with a sweet tasting syrup. It was a pleasure to take, and according to Kalidas Ghandi it would heal the disease in 2 weeks! And indeed, after two weeks I was partying at a rooftop party! Wow.


    Just for reminders. Pune, Poona has a big university, where you can study Ayurveda, and it has been years since I was there. I don't know if Kalidas Ghandi  is still there, but there are many Ayurvedic doctors there. I believe it is wise to go and have a look for healing, if western medicine is giving you shit for breakfast! Go and ask at the OSHO ashram. The people there are way far into all kind of healing, and know their way to the best Ayurvedic doctors around!



Check Kalidas Ghandi, Lakshmi Road, behind M.G. Road, Pune, Poona. 



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