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super soaker service Center         
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enjoy the picture!!!!!!






Weapons revealed






6/8/01, Friday

Got Painting section up!!!!!!!!!! Check it out!

Welcome to the online tech center.   Originally this was going to ge a huge tech center with a ton of info, and it may still be, but after realizing that many sites all ready have tech centers, I don't like the idea of copying them, even though I was not copying them in the first place.  So what I will have on here is the links to all the other sites' tech centers, so you can still get the information you need.

For now, the official GNG Tech Center will remain closed util I get enough creative content of my own to make this a worthy addition to the website.   So, (and I have a hard time saying this) unless you need some help and need a nice index of online soaker info, don't visit here too often!!!  I will make an announcement when this page will be ready to go, but that will probably not be for a long time!






For online soaker help:

Aqua-Nexus: Click on 'Information Station' on the left side.

iSoaker Tech page: Includes painting and blaster ideas.

iSoaker repair: For soaker repairs, visit here.

Hydrophiles Repair Guide: Go to repair section.

HydroWar Lab:  Ideas, projects