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This page will talk about, describe, and list the different projects I have done or attempted.  I would encourage you to try them if you would like to, as I believe they are beneficial.   Just remember safety, and common sense!

Pool Pumper Blaster Backpack combo-This gun combo makes a great medium backpack gun with plenty of water to spare

CPS-1200 shotgun-my favorite project.  it makes the 1200 from being an average heavy assault rifle to a terrifying close range destroyer.

Guts N Glory Gun Strap System(GNGGSS)-Those straps that come with Super Soakers are comforable, but fall off SO easily.  Here are nice ways to fix that.

Scope mount-How to mount a scope on your gun to get great accuracy(provided there is no wind!)

MX pressure chamber expansion-you need to be careful with this your MX a 40+ oz.  pressure chamber with an 8.5x shot time of over 8 seconds.