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Once in a while, we come across old guns that have been abandoned or forgot about.  They may have been sitting in someones garage for years, or may have been buried in someones backyard(as in my case:) When we see those old guns that took such a beating over the years, it makes us want to fix them up and make them like new.   Usually, when we think of restorations, we think of something 50 years old.   However, A Super Soakers life span is much shorter.  I mean, if we see a gun thats about 10 years old, its considered an antique!  Some old guns may still have some life in them, and just need a little TLC to get back to servicable condition, and that is what we have here.  So far, I have restored 3 weapons.  Only two are listed, because when I tested out the 1st one(an original XXP-175) it blew up. (hehehe) so for now, only two will be listed.  If your interested in sending my your old beat soaker(regardless of model)  I can guarentee a page here for it.  Email me with anything you have.


XXP-275 Restoration

SS-50 Restoration