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As one often finds out, buying plastic water guns has it's downfalls.   "Really?" your ask.  Well, it's true.  While there are many good designs out there, none are perfect.  Yes, I even had to repair an XP-150, which is hailed by many(including me:) to be the best XP ever.  This just shows you that no matter what gun you have, or how good you think it is, there is always room to learn how to reapir weapons.

This repair guide may be small right now, but that is because it has repairs that I myself have done, and that work.  I do not include any repair that wont work, although I may give pointers on what and what not to do.  Now, just because you don't see a repair on this site doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile.  But if you see a repair on this site, you can bet it will be one that works.

Please note that repairing a soaker is serious business.  I am not responsible if you mess it up.  One should always take care while repairing soakers, wear safety glasses, and use some common sense!

Please choose what gun you have if whatever is broken only applies to a specific line of soakers.




Now, if you have a problem with your gun that is common on most water weapons, please view these links:

Pump trouble

Trigger or nozzle touble

Cosmetic(outside) trouble

Internal(inside) trouble

leaks, breaks, and cracks

pressurized cracks

If you do not see the repair you need listed, please contact me, as the repairs on this page are limited to my own experiece.  If you have a problem with your gun that is not on this page, email me and I will probably be able to help you.  Make sure you describle the situation well.