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Political Gropees

Windows Backdoors?

Maj. Hog Denies


NEW in GypsyProxy 1.3:
Faster data transfer
CGI/1.1 in web server
Honeypot SMTP server
Http proxy & SMTP capture
Gypsy woman spam scam.

Funny Things Computers Say
Net Census Data
World Leaders

X/8 Prefix Top Players
(Heavy Weight Division)

Big Three Ping Kings:
213/8 RIPENCC-Europe
211/8 APNIC-Pacific Rim
217/8 RIPENCC-Europe

ICMP Error Reporter:
010/8 IANA-Private Use
[Private networks give it up.]

Top Ten TCP Acceptors:
006/8 Army Information Systems Center
131/8, 132/8, 153/8, 171/8,
137/8, 162/8, 147/8, 155/8,
140/8 ARIN (much .mil)

Connection Refused Champ:
20/8 Computer Sciences Corp.

X/8 Strangeness Winner:
55/8 Boeing (military)

X.Y/16 Prefix Top Players
(Middle Weight Division)

[coming soon]

Server Statistics

Ports Final Four:
21 FTP 0.76%
23 TEL 0.69%
25 SMTP 0.61%
139 NBT 0.56%
of 1/8 to 219/8 addresses
Email Relayers:
.com 44%
other countries 34%
.mil 12%
of relayed mail received

Best Email Filtering:
.mil 88%
.com 75%
other countries 56%
of relay mail accepted

Number of Relays:
Almost 1/4 million
Web Hogs Pen

Central Bank Club
Cookie Kooks Club
Telnet Tango Club
Gopher Club
With gopher exploits reported,
use Webhogs, not your browser,
to retrieve these web pages.
One Hundred Club
(under rennovation)

Double Takes web page
requires java (insecure) !? requires
ActiveX to download
some security patches.
Since when are people
with insecure browser
settings interested in
security patches !?

World Order Exchange™
"The Dawn-Breakers"
Production-Ready Motion Picture Property

Internet Survey Research Reports

Upcoming Operation Funnel Headlines
Operation Funnel also found in select .gov, .edu, .com, .us and foreign domains.
Many Operation Funnel sites accept connections on numerous random ports numbers.
Sources report possible proxy firewall implementation of IP address funnels.

The Operation Funnel Vulnerability of the U.S. Military
Exhibit C: Address-funneled internet services: seven, and still counting. Updated: Mar 1, 2003

U.S. Military and SQL Slammer Smoking Guns
Exhibit B: Net Census data analysis reveals amazing details. Updated: Feb 9, 2003

U.S. Military Role in SQL Slammer Worm Attack
Exhibit A: Exclusive empirical data tracking the SQL Slammer worm. Updated: Feb 18, 2003

Internet Router: Return to Sender, Address Unknown
Construct an internet router table. A router vulnerability. An Elvis Presley hit. Sept 19, 2002

Computer Science Corporation: Buy or Sell?
The connection refused vulnerability in an IT giant. Sep 4, 2002

Internet Host Behavior Statistics by Port
These data may be used to estimate the total number of internet servers per port.
Aug 19, 2002

Network Profiling with Randomly Sampled Data
Network internet behavior patterns were profiled. Do you know your network profile?
Aug 17, 2002

A TCP Ping Reveals Hosts by Connection Refused Error
TCP connection refused errors may be used to discover and describe networks.
Aug 17, 2002

Computers Connected to IPv4 Address Space
Hey, What's Going On With 60% of Internet Addresses? Aug 17, 2002

Pentagon Email Relays in SMTP Census
Empirical data was collected to estimate SMTP population values
and identify email relays which may be used for spam. July 28, 2002

Web Hogs Pen: Web Page Hall of Shame
The WebHogs internet tool gathered data to inaugurate the Web Hogs Hall of Shame.
This report lists major results and web sites with the highest Pig Scores in the world.
July 16, 2002

WebHogs Does Central Banks
You may have grown up, but you can still have a piggy bank. Thank you, Maj. Hog.
Sep 11, 2002

If you would like to participate in data collection, please contact Global Services.


NetGain maintains work productivity during worm attacks like SoBig. The NetGain program includes both software and installation components. Join organizations protected by NetGain, the Net Census business version of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Continue working and earning income while users of the "net loss" version scramble to resume services. Contact us and join the NetGain program.

Editorial & Commentary

Windows Backdoors: Greatest Security Breach Ever? Aug 6, 2004

Windows Buffer Overflows: Bugs or Intended Backdoors? Oct 22, 2003

When All Else Fails, Set Up Networks Properly June 20, 2003

Internet Explorer Cannot Read Microsoft Web Site
Microsoft home page stumps IE., heal thyself. Oct 26, 2002

The Smart Gateway: Port-to-Local-Host Address Mapping
Doctor Electron Solves Internet Address Space Problem. July 21, 2002

News & Press Releases
For immediate release. All Media.

ISP Assassin aka Spam Assassin
Wolf in sheep clothing exploiting anti-spam sentiment and violating privacy? Dec 23, 2002
Reader feedback. Selected posts
Please use "contact us" below to report other abuses by such programs.

Microsoft Office Users Assess Damage
"Demonstrable and indisputable fact" may be scandal or industrial sabotage. Nov 1, 2002

Microsoft Excel Corrupts Its Spreadsheet Files
An apparent deliberate effort by Microsoft to prevent third-party access is documented.
Please see the XLS Test utility program in the Downloads section below. Oct 29, 2002

Pentagon Email Relays Found
Probably the same as others -- just wrongly configured mail servers. July 28, 2002

Bubba to Driver, "Internet Virus Road Block Ahead"
A mysterious silence of self-propagating virus activity detected. July 29, 2002


RapidQ Basic Tips

Registry Edit to Reduce Connect Timeout.
Tired of waiting "for ever" when a connection fails?
Download and double click on TimeOut.txt to reduce the timeout to less than 10 seconds!
Download TimeOut.txt 110 bytes

Freeware Program Downloads
These programs do not alter your registry or windows directory.

GypsyProxy 1.4 multi-port and multi-client servers and honeypots.
Screen shot and specifications. Separate log files by port number.
Port 25 is a honeypot smtp server. http CONNECT by spammers goes to local smtp.
Port 80 is a CGI/1.1 http server from root directory specified by user.
Port 1080 is a socks version 5 proxy server (per RFC 1928).
Ports 3128 and 8080 are anonymous http proxy servers.
Port 6667 is a chat server, with encryption-friendly features.
Download includes source code for simple cgi tester.
Download 84K Feb 3, 2012
XLS Test 1.0 utility program to document and assess Excel file corruption
XLS Test reads all .xls files in a directory for two purposes:
(1) Instances of corrupted user data are documented with the file hex offsets.
Get a BIFF8 manual and use a hex viewer to see the corruption in your data records.
(2) The resulting damage can be assessed and summary statistics are printed.
Type "xlstest" at the command prompt to get help information on usage.
XLS Test does not alter your .xls files in any way. View sample xlstest output.
Download 159K May 10, 2003
WebHogs 1.1 Maj. Hog exposes intruder html code in web pages
"Maj. Hog knows pigs well."
Scripts, links, email addresses, objects, applets and more are displayed and logged.
Customize with your own search items for text or tag content.
View WebHogs screen shot and description. WebHogs FAQ. View the Web Hogs Pen . Download 349K May 10, 2003

RandScan Free 1.1 stealth multi-feature port scanner
"RandScan is cute and gets the man."
View RandScan screen shot and description.
Download 296K May 10, 2003
Comment on RandScan Free
RSocket non-blocking socket programming including raw socket example.
This source code adds 9 NEW functions. Requires free RapidQ Basic compiler.
Download 11K Updated: June 6, 2003
icmp uses icmp.dll for echo requests. HotBasic source and .exe
Download 8K June 14, 2005
Mail is a command-line POP3 mail reader and SMTP mail sender
which can automate mail functions with a configuration file or command arguments.
Download executable and source code 160K May 10, 2002
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