Melvins Bio


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Melvins "Boredom and fear are what motivates us," explains Buzz "King Buzzo" Osborne, lead singer and guitarist of The Melvins when describing their place in "alternative music". The Melvins have long benefitted from a golden alterna-nation reputation: Buzz is acknowledged as the patient sould who taught Kurt Cobain to play guitar, drummer Crover performed on Nirvana's debut album, "Bleach," and off of the band consoled himself by forming Mudhoney.

A string of best-selling albums and singles, including the long players "Houdini" and "Stoner Witch" on Atlantic, have provided the Melvins with monies to fund a chain of inner-city hospices and halfway houses for unwed teenage mothers. With proceeds from their most recent Mammoth/Atlantic release, "Stag," these musical philanthropists had hoped to establish a scholarship foundation for children spawned and abandoned by touring rocker hard-ons.

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