No. 13 Baby Live Reviews from The Stranger
(Crocodile) Anyone who ever suffered through a Pixies show can attest to the fact that they -- how can I say this? -- SUCKED live. Thank goodness for No. 13 Baby, a local Pixies tribute band who one-up the original by actually being fun to watch. While Black Francis and company looked like they'd rather be experiencing oral surgery (minus the anesthesia) than performing, No. 13 Baby are obviously having a blast. But this isn't just self-indulgence, folks: The songs are so well done that, apart from the fact that there's energy emanating from the stage, you'd almost be hard-pressed to say it wasn't the Pixies themselves at times. -- Barbara Mitchell

(Crocodile) "She gotta tattooed tit, say number 13." The Pixies were one of the best bands ever and people should cover their songs, dammit. And hey, No. 13 Baby do it well, so what's there to complain about? In a lake that's like an ocean. With a pet at my side. From a distant star to this here bar. Gigantic. Your Irish skin looks Mexican. The Dragons are a San Diego straight-up rock band. They cover "Bad Reputation" and "Adios to Mexico," and are also known, according to one fan, to be expert pickpockets and masters of sleights of hand. JUAN-CARLOS RODRIGUEZ