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El Sheikh Mohyuddin Sayedina Mubarak Ali
Shah Jilani Al-Hasani wal-Husayni Al-Hashmi
The Sultan of Awlia (Friends of Allah)

Since 1989, Founder and Director of the Quranic Open Universities and Imam of the Muslims of the Americas, Inc. El Sheikh Sayed Mubarak Jilani Hashmi has guided the community of American Muslims and acceptance of Al-Islam into the mainstream of this country. This accomplishment has produced a well-rounded and wholesome community of functioning, law-abiding citizens, who by the grace of Allah are God-fearing and sincere Muslims.

    El Sheikh Mubarak Ali Shah Jilani is Ahli-Bait, a direct descendant of the Holy Last Rasool (Messenger, peace be upon him). One of his forefathers, Hazrat Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani, is acknowledged throughout the Islamic world as being the supreme saint of Islam. Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani devoted his whole being to the worship and servitude of Allah, caring nothing for the empty pleasures of the worldy life. His efforts were rewarded by his attainment of spiritual stations unmatched by any other Wali (saint).
He was endowed with the powers to heal the sick, and manifested many other miraculouse powers.
    Sheikh Mubarak Ali Shah Jilani, like his famous ancestor, also lives a life of devotion to Allah and in service of His creation. His years as a young adult were spent in seclusion in the lofty mountains of the Himalayas, where his knowledge of the Devine (Ma'rafa) became very great, and he attained the high spiritual station and Allah gave him knowledge of healing physical and psychological ailments (which are in reality disorders of the soul), by using selected phrases of Holy Qur'an and prayers of the Anbiya (Prophets).
    Again paralleling the life of his famous ancestor, exhibiting the love and compassion for humanity, and in the example of shining characteristic of the Holy Last Rasool (peace be upon him), Sheikh Jilani abandoned his life of seclusion and began his mission of service to humanity.

Sheikh Jilani Introduces Qur'anic Psychiatry

Islam in America: Invigorated And Refined by Sheikh Jilani

Establishment of Muslims of the Americas and the Qur'anic Open University

May Allah continue to bless you.

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