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"I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship save Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His final and true Messenger."

Recognizing and acknowledging the monotheistic nature of Allah stands at the core of Islam. This consists of a public affirmation that "there is no god but Allah (God), and Muhammad is His Messenger." One cannot be a Muslim until he states this fact in the presence of Muslim whitnesses.

Al-Fajr (Dawn prayer), Zhur (Noon prayer), `Asr (Afternoon prayer),
Maghrib (Sunset prayer), `Isha (Nightfall prayer).

A muslim must perform five daily prayers. These must be performed at specific times, corresponding roughly with dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and nightfall.
The prayers can be made in any clean place, but it is perferable to pray them with others in a Mosque, for this communal undertaking acts as a reminder that all muslims are equal. When many people are praying together, it becomes clear that color, economic status, social position, and all other artificial distinctions have no importance to Allah, for all Muslims are commanded to stand together, shoulder to shoulder and prostrate themselves before Him. There are no exceptions. Prayers also elevate the individual to a higher level of morality, purifies his heart, and helps him to resist his desire to engage in forbidden activities.
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Every year during the Muslim month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food, drink and sexual activity from dawn to sunset. While this gives the body a much needed rest and improves ones health by getting rid of excess weight, it also increases ones commitment to Allah, developes his social conscience, and reminds im of how the less fortunate live every day in addition, it strengthens one's patience, self-restraint, will power, and sincerity.

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Every Muslim whose net annual savings are above a certain specified minimum
must pay an annual amount of 2.5% to the poor and needy. This action purifies one's accrued wealth, fosters of quality of sacrifice, and rids him of selfishness and greed. It also helps to reduce resentment and envy between a society's poor and rich classes.


Hajj (Pilgramage to Makkah):

Hajj is an act of worship that is to be performed at least once in a lifetime, provided that one is physically and financially able to do so. During this time, Muslims meet from all corners of the world in an international congregation for the sole purpose of responding to the call of Allah. It also reminds the participants that all Muslims are equal, irrespective of their geographical, cultural, or racial origin

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