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Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon you!


"We came this way searching for glory and power."

                         --Taken from a young poet and Hafiz.

His Oneness.

Know, child, that Allah is only One,
And has no partner or son;
He has made us and everything,
All beast, all fowls, all birds that sing,
The Sun, the Moon, the Starry Sky,
The land, the sea, the mountains high.
He knows whatever we think or act,
By Him is seen the real fact.
And only He does what He Wills,
He makes, He keeps, He saves, His kills.
Forever the same, no age, no youth,
He is Perfection, He is Truth.
Almighty Allah, All-Seeing, Wise,
He hath not form or shape or size.
Foerver The Great, is our Lord,
And always to be adored.


Hadha Kitabul-Haqq
(This is The Kitab of Al-Haqq)

The books of Allah, a third guide form,
And us of His Commands inform,
Allah sent them through His Ambiya (Prophets) great,
Repealing Older by the Late;
The Holy Qur'an now the law in force,
The other books have run their course.

The 5 Pillars

The Holy Qur'an teaches us to pray,
To our Allah five times a day;
To fast the days of Ramadan lent,
To give alms to the indigent;
To visit Mekkah once in life,
To make for Allah (Alone) every strife.
Find here the Muslim laws in brief,
May Allah Al-Hadi (The Guide) guide all to this belief.

Allah is Just, and loves the right,
The wrong is hateful to His sight.
He gave us reason that we might,
Know good from bad wrong from right.
This is the first to light our path,
To gain His grace and shun His rath.
But gift of reason varies far,
Some wise and others foolish are.
The eyes of mind our passion dims,
And reason oft is quenched by whims.
For second guide we have the men
Of larger mind and weaker ken,
Who could from Allah a message get,
His law before the people set.
We call them Ambiya, know you well,
Comming events they could fortell.
No nation was without such a guide,
To warn them and from sins to chide.
Each Nabi taught in his own sphere,
To worship Allah and Him to fear.
But thousands of such Anbiya came,
Of whom we know not the name.
Of some well-known I mention make,
Allahuma Rabbi bless us for their sake!
Nabi Aiyub, Ya'qub, Yussuf, Ibrahim,
Nabi Is' haq, Dawud, Sulaymon,
Nabi Lut, Musa, Haroon, Zakariyya,
Nabi Hud, Nuh, Isma'eel and `Isa;
With Nabi Adam first and Muhammad last,
Between the two all others pass.
Their minds were brighter than our own.
But otherwise all flesh and bone;
Allah did not in them incorporate.
They were but men and separate.

In all these Books 'tis plainly said,
The graves will once give up their dead;
A new life Allah will give to men.
Who made us once will quicken agin.
That day we shall, to judgment brought,
Be called to answere what we wrought,
And shall be judged by Faith we had,
And work we did good or bad.
The good shall get a festive treat--
Everlasting bliss and heavenly seat,
Where such the pleasure, such the mirth,
We've never dreampt of on this earth.
The bad shall go to the hell fire,
And suffer pains and agony dire.
But sense of guilt to concious mind
Is more than all th pains combined
While sense of having pleased our Lord
Is greatest bliss and highest reward.

O Nuri Women

O Nuri women, O friend of Allah
This night your veils have been lifted,
O beautiful women truly you are gifted.

O Banaa TunNoor,
You all saw this miraculous incident
As the Ism did soar, the Ism Hoo,
Allah, and Muhammad (SAWS),
The Ism Hamd, Ahad, and Ahmad,
Across the sky did these names fly.

O Nuri women the moon it was so bright,
And 'round it formed a rainbow in the beauty of that night.
Endless tears began to shed,
Hugs and kisses toward the forehead.

O Spiritual beings may your hearts glow,
Truly a miracle to us Allah did show.
The attributes of Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem,
and Bismillah were clearly seen.

So on this night give thanks to Allah,
For he has shown us a miracle which has surrounded the Qamara.
                                                                --Banaa TunNoor International Inc.
                                                                                     1998 Summer Retreat
                                                                                   Medina Wadi, Georgia

Noor of Muhammad
(peace be upon him)

Noor of Muhammad

Shining bright

Noor of Muhammad

The Guiding Light

Noor of Muhammad

With Guidance sure

Noor of Muhammad

Noor! Noor!

Noor of Muhammad

Noor of Hoo

Noor of Muhammad

Noor of You

Noor of Muhammad

Shining bright

Noor of Muhammad

The Guiding Light

Thine hour is drawing high,
O world of sensual pleasure;
Thine sands are nearly run,
As all things have a measure.

The primrose paths of vice,
The thorny paths of virtue,
May soon be tread no more
By wicked souls and true.

With atom bomb and nuclear force,
O man; thou hast attained
The climax of temporal life
With soul and conscience stain.

Allah Almighty who shaped the world
Is keeping watchful eye
On human acts and human speach,
And human rebels' cry.

Domain belongs to Him Who made
The earth, the sky, the sea.
But faithless man with shallow wit
Bethinks the master is he.

The fall of man the Atomic Age
The staged all predict.
But man of faith and more bliss
Will not become convict.

This heartless, maniac, frightened world
Is thirsty, parched and dry,
The nectar of Islamic faith,
It dreads and fears to try.

The war cry is loud and high,
But, restless human hearts
Crave for perfect peace and calm,
Islam alone imparts.


The Doors Are Opening

The doors of Allah's Noor are opening,
To all who seek the Light.
Even if it be a slither,
What a blessing and delight.

A love that's grown through all these years,
Guided by Allah who allayed our fears,
In efforts to rationalize Allah's Deen,
We almost -- O Muhajireen.

What I speak of now is not new,
An attempt to cover it has been made,
By polititions and Jews.
Let's not continue in this distructive manner,
And surge forth with Islams banner.

We reflect on knowledge gained in khutbehs past,
The doors are opening


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