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In the beginning there was God..."He is Allah, there is no God but He, The Living, The Sustainer of all, slumber can not seize Him nor sleep. To Him belongs what is in the heavens and  the earth. Who is such as to intercede with Him save by His leave? He knows what is before the creatures and what is after them; and they all can not comprehend anything of His knowledge but such as He wills, there is space in His Throne for all the heavens and the earth, and it is not a bit heavy for Him to hold them, and He is above all, the Glorious."

{ Holy Qur'an, 2:255 }

      In the beginning of our journey in life, people  always recognize the Creator of All for what He is; King of kings,. Lord of lords,. and He shall reign for Ever and Ever. We hope for a long happy life and if, God willing, there befalls any test and trial let it be viewed as such with the hope  that we /he/she will win the pleasure
of Allah in all things.
    Yet, in the interim between life and death there are certain distractions set for mankind to test his mettle as a human being.  All Power and all Strength is with Allah [God, Most High!] and He has given Satan permission to play a role in our lives.
  Satan [accursed be he] has given honor to his part, how many have not heard  the well known expression, " work like the devil". Allah says that, "Satan is ,to you, an enemy avowed."
  For those of you who are seeking knowledge about the creator of all things and to Whom we will all be brought back, see that Allah invites your attention to look around and see how Allah has spread out this earth for you and beautified it with every imaginable thing with multicolored flowers, birds singing, mountains and hills of every shade, winding rivers, valleys full of colorful, sparkling lakes and every type of fruit of diverse varieties enjoyed and eaten by man and those animals He created to serve man; this is common sense.
  He expects you [all] materialists, intellectuals, free thinkers to look around and see who has spread and beautified the earth, where every thing testifies to the glory and plan of Allah, and nothing happens due to an accident.  Had this earth or universe been the result of an accident then why is the sun's heat always suitable for mankind?  And why rain falls in measures and in fixed seasons for growing crops, etc.?  Thousands of things that even a person with a small amount of common sense can come to the conclusion that there is someone regulating all this.  Just use your common sense and find out who is doing everything around you and for whom?
   You may call yourself atheist or agnostic, or you may profess belief in one of the major religions in the world today, no matter what or who you are, regardless of your political beliefs, you and all of us will, one day return to our creator to stand before Him with all our deeds set out before us for the Final Judgement.

Prepare yourself for a day when no soul will be concerned with any of the others.

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