Eric Harris, picture from The New York Times
September 2010

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Harris' astrological data is included in a later paper on mass murderers.
Here is the link: Paper on Astrology of McVeigh, Huberty, Hamilton,
and from previous papers--Whitman and Harris

Mass Murderer and Suicide Eric Harris
The Chart That Shows Murder and His Early Death
by Sandra Weidner

I would like to have included the death and murder chart of Dylan Klebold in this paper about Eric Harris, his homicide/suicide partner. However, Klebold’s birth data is not dependable, so I reluctantly omitted his astrology. I wrote an earlier paper on both, minus much of the astrology I will now show. Apparently then I did not realize the fuzziness of Klebold’s birth data. Here is the link to that paper:

The Colorado Shootings, Klebold and Harris

When the air had cleared somewhat after the Columbine School Shootings on April 20, 1999, Harris and Klebold had killed thirteen people and injured twenty-four at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. It soon became apparent that they had been planning their homicidal actions for a considerable time. They did not just wake up one morning deciding to kill themselves along with a number of their fellow students. They dreamed about, planned, and finally, executed their “vision.”. According to news reports they had been planning it for about a year. Actually, concrete details and plans may have started the year before, but Harris had had thoughts of murder and suicide much of his life, at least his teenage life.

This is a relatively short paper. Below I show the chart that created the Eric Harris most of us came to know—the mass murderer and suicide. That Eric Harris shows best in his 10th chart. Our 10th charts show our reputation, social image and interactions. Harris and Klebold's actions were designed to create maximum media coverage. Their murders weren't personal, they were social. So, their theatre of action occurred through the 10th chart. That is where much of Harris pain originated, and that is where his consciousness was focused while he made his murderous plans. Not counting the incalculable private pain he sponsored, the world wide infamy he achieved again refers us to his 10th chart.

The 10th chart also yields information on our relationship to our mother, who is the first and most profound sponsor of our later social outreach. It does not tell us what she is really like, only her impact on each of us.

Before we get to that chart, information below is about this method.

About This Method
I have put this material in blocks so it can be scanned quickly and referred back to easily.

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley SVP. I have written a paper discussing the practical differences between the traditional tropical (Western) zodiac and the sidereal (Eastern) one: Paper on Sidereal vs. Tropical Astrology

This method—named the Astrospect, but seldom referred to by name—uses birth and conception charts, their planets and their harmonics, retaining their separate houses. A whole chart is erected for each of the twelve houses. Each chart contains birth and conception planets and their harmonics, which are used to create the charts. The 3rd harmonic creates the 1st chart, the 4th harmonic creates the 2nd chart, and so on up to the 14th harmonic, which creates the 12th chart. Each chart covers similar areas as do the houses from which they are derived.
House overlaps: birth and conception charts share the same axis while retaining their separate houses. Therefore, birth houses overlap different houses of the conception chart and vice versa.
Each harmonic chart contains forty planets--4 (birth, birth harmonic, conception, and conception harmonic) x 10 (the ten standard planets plus True Nodes). This yields numerous standard planets which combine statically (birth/conception planets), dynamically (their progressions), and through space (the 12 harmonic charts also create “position” as do signs and houses) to produce the varied astrological descriptions that describe a human life. Somewhat similarly, the four bases of DNA combine over and over again in different ways and positions to create our complex heredity.
This method uses the Egyptian harmonic, based on the Zodiac starting at 0° Taurus. Traditional harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets, and then the Egyptian harmonic is derived from them. The formula to find out what to do to the regular harmonic to get the Egyptian one is: 30° x (13 – the number of the harmonic). More about the Egyptian harmonic is in the paper "About This Method," link below.
Conception sun is derived from birth. The history of its derivation is found in the paper, "About This Method." The formula for actually finding conception from birth is in a paper with a link also in the paper "About This Method."
Returns occur every 40° from birth sun (actually, from conception, but that is not knowable until birth) throughout life. Explanation found on links below.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
Lights include suns, moons, and moon’s nodes. When mercury rules an Angle (Gemini or Virgo), it also acts like a light, with the same orb as the other lights. The MC and Asc also acts like lights, but with only a 2° orb for static, and 1° for progressed positions.
Lights are our consciousness. Planets with them deform or inform that consciousness. Planets have to be lighted in order to express. Without lights they fall into the background of the chart, to express at some point when they do receive lights.
Only conjunctions, squares, and oppositions are used in sets. Planets so related to each other express together or alternately and are referred to as “in the same set.” Planets in the same set influence certain houses, called their “path.”
Abbreviations: b stands for birth, c stands for conception, p for progressed, and t for transiting. A number following the letters identifies the harmonic chart from which the harmonic planet was taken, e.g., b7 pluto identifies the harmonic of birth pluto for the 7th chart. All harmonics used are +2 greater than the number of the chart they are applied to. Therefore, the harmonic used for the 7th chart is the ninth, or novienic, harmonic.
MC stands for Midheaven while Asc stands for Ascendant. B-Loc identifies the locality Angle for birth, while C-Loc identifies the locality Angle conception. Reasonably, then, pB-Loc MC identifies the progressed locality Midheaven for birth while pC-Loc Asc identifies the progressed locality Ascendant for conception.
Empirically-derived orbs for static planets in sets with lights is 5°; without lights, 2°. Orb for static MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2°. Orbs for progressed planet/planet or planet/Angle is 1°. Orbs for lights and Angles in the return chart are 2°, with two degrees being weak.
For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to the following papers:

About This Method
Chart Reading Rules

Now we can look at Harris' astrology.

The Charts
Let’s look at his shell chart first to see what it shows. The shell chart is the combined birth and conception planets before any harmonics are added. It is identical for all twelve charts. Harmonics are key in creating this form of astrology, but we can still get some information from just the shell chart.

Eric David Harris
Shell Chart

Placidus: c11—7Vir, c12—4Lib, c2—25Sco, c3—30Sag b11—11Vir, b12—7Lib, b2—28Sco, b3—3Cap

Harris’ charts are a bit unusual in that the house overlaps are so close together. B MC is only about 4° from C MC, so we won’t get much information from house overlaps. If anything, nearly coinciding they indicate some one with few options. That is, he does not have any interesting combinations such as 4th/1st or 1st/4th, which would suggest death (4th) during childhood (1st), at least before adulthood.

Set (1) in his shell chart shows his early death through a different astrological combination with the same implications. B uranus, a 5 Scorpio 05, is in b and c 1st houses, and rules b 4th house. Since it is “lighted” by C MC at 5 Leo 08, he was born with it forefront, that is, active. That means that thoughts of his own personal, even sudden (uranus) death were not strangers to Eric Harris even long before the tragedy at Columbine High School.

Set (1) gave him one forefront uranus. Set (2) shows his B Asc at 28 Libra 12 conjunct c uranus at 27 Libra 22. With two Angles bringing uranus forefront, Harris is a free-thinker and rebel, some one trying to find the tune of his own distant drummer. Uranus in Libra suggests it will be independent of the values of significant others, while uranus in Scorpio suggests his theme will involve transformations, possibly including the transformation we know as death.

Note he has conception sun in Gemini along with birth moon. He is bright and has an excellent memory. He also has both non-harmonic South Nodes in Capricorn, a sign showing a habitual need (SN) for control (Capricorn). These are important in showing Harris’ fight within himself. Whatever he felt, he would be trying not to show it, and to have control over it.

Set (3) shows the conjunction of sun, venus, and mars in Pisces in both 5th houses opposition pluto. It influences B MC through b sun, ruler of B MC in c 10th house (double 10th influence), making it a forefront—active and lifelong—influence. Venus in Pisces shows anything from very tender (too tender if one is not wise in loving) feelings of love, to “love of (venus) suffering” (Pisces).

I have written elsewhere about the difficulties caused by lighted, forefront mars in Pisces. It was strong in the charts of Charles Whitman (U of Texas tower massacre), the Unabomber, and in the 1st chart of Elvis Presley (the chart that shows his death from drugs) as well as in the 7th chart of Eric Douglas, who died of a drug overdose and was written about in the paper on homosexuality.

Here are links to those papers: Paper on the Unabomber , Paper on Charles Whitman , Appendix paper on Elvis Presley, Paper With Astrology of Eric Douglas

I have also written several other papers about suicide. Here are their links: The Subway Suicide of a 9 Year Old Boy, The Suicide of a 14 Year Old Girl, Vivienne, The Late Life Suicide of Author and Concentration Camp Survivor, Primo Levi, The Suicide of a Woman with Asperger's Syndrome, The Suicide of Chief of Naval Operations, Mike Boorda. The Suicide of Carter Cooper, Search for Suicide in Paper on Astrologer Michel Gauquelin.

Initially mars in Pisces interprets as experiences of powerlessness and being unable to decide. It shows vacillation which creates an opening (or chink) in the personality which suggests a vulnerability, a hesitation that others find unattractive, suspicious, or scary. It thereby invites rejection. After enough rejection, Harris himself would have hated that part of himself--being a victim. Ultimately, he solved his problem by putting considerable effort into denying it. He wasn’t a victim, he was not some soft, suffering thing. As a superkiller,, he was a superstud.

Over time lighted forefront mars in Pisces, especially with it emphasis in his two 5th houses (of sexuality and children), might appear as a form of sexual masochism (unless he projected it outward, in which case it would give him pleasure to inflict pain on his sexual parter--but this has to be researched), a literal repeat of early experiences of feeling helpless, but framed in present circumstances.

So far, Set (3) is problematic, but not unlivable. All its interpretations can be lived through, and sex partners found with whom he could have a relationship. That is going to change when we get to his 10th chart.

Eric David Harris
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 10th House

Placidus: c11—7Vir, c12—4Lib, c2—25Sco, c3—30Sag b11—11Vir, b12—7Lib, b2—28Sco, b3—3Cap

In this, the 10th chart, we see again the set of C MC with uranus in Scorpio. It has acquired neptune in this chart. No big deal, but the more outer planet influence a chart has, the less “personal” it is, that is, the less the individual feels he is adequately representing himself.

It is significant, however, that return10 pluto was conjunct it at 6 Scorpio 38R on April 10, 1999, the date of his return covering the Columbine shootings. On that day it was at 4 Scorpio 35R. So, transiting pluto to his lighted 1st house uranus in Scorpio was one of the timers for Harris’ mass murder and suicide. Pluto promotes transformations. Here it promoted the transformation of Harris’ imaginary death plots into actual ones.

Both his progressed Ascendants had already passed over this uranus by the time of the Columbine shootings. They must surely have increased his ideation about death, but did not precipitate behavior promoting it. It took changes in his Set (3) along with the pluto transit to do that.

Set (3) shows the same Set (3) we saw in Harris’ shell chart, but here it has acquired two new, very important planets. C10 saturn co-rules (30 of 35°) c 3rd house. As the planet saturn it squashes the sun/mars/venus, creating a hugely deflated ego in a great deal of pain. Since the 10th chart also shows us his relationship to his mother, saturn here suggests she early and unequivocally rejected this tender, suffering, sometimes masochistic part of him. Since the planets are in both 5th houses, it suggests it had powerful sexual ramifications for Harris, showing an enormously repressed sexuality and eccentricity and perhaps self-loathing that goes with suppression of such a vital part of one’s life.

The above discussion of his mother’s influence is not meant to urge people to blame her or in any way castigate her. Often enough, the parent does not even know s/he is causing pain, some of which will have later drastic ramifications. Nonetheless, I stick by my assertion that the 10th chart shows how we experienced our mother.

So, every time one of his peers rejected or made fun of him, Harris was experiencing the horrible pain of Set (3).

The other important planet in Set (3) is c10 uranus, which rules c 4th house. At 28 Pisces 28 it has a wide orb from the mars and saturn (about 3 and 4°), so its expression is attenuated. But, it is retrograde, so moving toward those planets. It was at 24 Pisces 54R on the day of the shootings, now more closely in the set with sun/mars/saturn. That gave Harris a close sun/mars/saturn influencing two Angles (through the sun, ruler of B MC, and venus, ruler of B Asc), an 8th house (through b venus) and a 4th house—the necessary significators for death. So, a 10th chart set occurring at Harris’ age with this kind of influence would be one of the indicators of an early, and very public (10th), death.

Its 3rd house influence likely represented Harris’ obsession with his pain and the revenge he planned to take because of it.

Continuing with Set (3), b venus also co-rules (28 of 30°) b 7th house. Without that 7th house influence of the set it would never have resulted in the death of others. So, the light/mars/7th influence would add possible death of others to Harris’ early death.

Set (2) is not forefront, so not as important, but since it is lighted, it is active. It shows Harris’ ambition (mars/jupiter). Mars/jupiter occurs frequently in the charts of murderers who achieve fame. It shows they were not content to go with a whimper.

Set (4) is interesting and only tentatively interpreted. It starts with South Node conjunct pluto in Aries, suggesting an ingrained tendency (SN) to drastic (pluto) and spontaneous (Aries) actions (Aries). On the day of the shooting, it had acquired pc10 saturn [coming from Set (3)], giving him a conjunction of SN/saturn/pluto with influence to a 3rd house. Since light/saturn/pluto plays prominently in the charts that show autism and Aspergers as well as the chart of the priest who disappeared into the boondocks, I think it shows Harris’ complete lack of emotional connection to others at the time of the massacre.

If there were any doubt that for Harris April 20, 1999 was a triumphant day, his astrology will kill it. His pB Asc was at 11 Scorpio 30 in the same set with c jupiter at 11 Leo 44 which was in both 10th houses. Its shows his fame—something he wanted.

His return for the period occurred on April 10, 1999. It had an MC of 16 Pisces 18 which picked up b10 venus at 17 Pisces 13, c10 neptune at 15 Pisces 47, and return jupiter at 18 Pisces 50, a little out of orb but his c sun at 15 Gemini 43 brings it into orb. That’s a (return) forefront golden benefic. It shows that for Harris this time period produced a real high.

Was Harris completely free from fear on the day of his death? Well, his 3rd chart contained the following set:

c neptune26 Scorpio 19
pB MC26 Leo 25
pc3 mars26 Aquarius 03

Angle/mars/neptune occurs in the 3rd chart of paranoid schizophrenics, but it must also have influence to a 3rd house. This set does not influence a 3rd house. And, since Harris pre-progressed chart does not include any tendency to paranoia, this progressed set shows a certain amount of hair-raising fear and excitement—not unreasonable for the acts he was about to commit.

I would like to have included any other chart analysis of another school shooter, but, unfortunately, could find none which also provided time of birth.

Harris’ astrology, however, is good enough to suggest several things one looks for in the chart of a school shooter, with variations regarding whether or not he intends to die himself. Here they are:

b10 jupiter25 Aries 32
c moon25 Aries 44ruler of C MC (ruler of 10th)
c10 mars26 Aries 47ruler of c 7th house
c saturn28 Aries 17Rruler of c 4th house

This combination might seem formidable to a non-astrologer, and even to some astrologers. Certainly, it could get tricky trying to evaluate sets close to matching the above significators. But one thing is certain. Actions of individuals who commit mass murder in general, and of school shooters in particular, are knowable. They are completely unknowable only to those who refuse to see answers given in forms not conforming to their idea of reality, who think science is only about people who work in laboratories.

There is a Sufi story that illustrates that kind of viewpoint: Mullah Nasrudin was out for a walk one night when he came upon a neighbor on his knees on the ground under a streetlamp. Nasrudin asked him what he was doing. The neighbor answered, "I am searching for my lost keys." "Where," Nasrudin asks, "do you think you lost them?" "Somewhere over there (indicating an area far from the street lamp)," answers the neighbor. "Why," exclaims Nasrudin, "then are you searching for them here (under the lamp)?!" "Because," answers the neighbor, "this is where the light is."

Right now the "light" is on science, specifically the science of genetics and evolution, and anything believed not a science is in the dark--even an astrology which shows considerable promise as a science.

Bloodroot, Sanguinara Canadensis
Stems and roots used in many cultures as a (red/orange) dye and insect repellant.
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide (cropped) by Stan Tekiela

Data Acknowledgments
Letters following the name show Rodden rating for reliability of birth time.

Eric Harris (AA)
Birth: 4/09/1981, 9:37 p.m. CST, Wichita, Kansas. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough, but the place of birth was originally entered as Plattsburgh, NY. All Internet searches on Harris tell of his birth in Wichita, Kansas. Here are the Source Notes from ADB: Storm Cestavani quotes B.C. from the Plattsburgh Hall of Records. Records verified by Frances McEvoy. (The veracity of the data has been widely questioned. Dana Holliday has in hand the custody reports for Harris when he was arrested for Criminal Trespassing when he was a juvenile, age 16, and released into his parents custody, and they gave his birth place as Wichita, Kansas. Also, Arlene Nimark, in her article in the Oct., 1999 issue of the Mercury Hour, says that Eric and his family only lived in Plattsburgh from 1991-19993 and that police records she found on the Internet as well as his Marine Corps application which he filled out himself show Wichita, Kansas as his birthplace.
Conception:7/01/1980, 3:55:43 p.m. CST, Wichita, Kansas.

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