Hundreds of Theater Links to Scripts, Songs and Puppet Plays
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For longer play scripts with music CDs such as:
- Wizard of Oz
- Alice in Wonderland
- Harry Potter Parody
- Spoiled Baloney Man - puppets & actors
- Frog Prince and the Princess Brat, including a Jr. version
- 12 Dancing Princesses
and fun new shows like Don't Look in the Lake, Fairy Tales on the Mars Frontier, and Who Framed Lucky the Leprechaun?
- plus LOTS of Christmas and Halloween plays
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THEATER LINKS collected for you by!
American Girl Magazine has two free scripts:
"Thirteen" -- Friday the Thirteenth isn't really unlucky. Or is it?
6 girl actors (but could be changed from a slumber to a science club telescope party so boys could be in the cast) Requires a cake (could be pantomimed or in a box), backpacks or bedrolls (can be pantomimed), an umbrella, a phone (can be pantomimed) and a table and chairs or a couch.
Issue: Jan-Feb 2001 Vol. 9, Issue 1, page 27

"Annoying Annabelle" Now is their chance to get back at at that snobby Annabelle! Requires a table, tablecloth, tea set, nice clothing, a stringed instrument, plate of cookies. Annabelle wears a dress that ties in the back.
5 females playing two children, one teen, two adult, but the two children and the adults could be males.
Issue: Jul/Aug 1995, Vol. 3, Issue 4, following page 38.

Make scenes from stories

Go to your favorite books to find scenes that can be transformed into theater.

You can also take comic collection books like Calvin & Hobbes, Cul de Sac, and Zits (available in book collections) and convert them into scripts.

The Monty Python link below is a gold mine but they print-out with lots of wasted space. The links to my favorites have been formatted to fill the page.

Try the Simple Skits link for easier stuff!

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Fun Scripts by Other Authors, Free or Inexpensive

Monty Python Sketches --Scroll to bottom, click on SKETCHES!
Prairie Home Companion Radio Skits since 1996
Saturday Night Live scripts
Excellent Readers Theater Scripts by Aaron Shepard - Folk Tales, Historical Fiction - Read or Act
Richard Nathan's Quirky and Imaginative short and long scripts, Horror, Science Fiction and more!
Taliban Pizza
400 FREE Plays for Kids
A-Z Scripts & Puppets for Homeschoolers: Wizard of Oz, It's a Wonderful Life, Star Wars IV, V & VI, Whootie Owl's Fairytales. Lots!
Radio Theater Scripts, Old Time and Modern
Magic Parrot Prod. Noah and the Rainbow Boat, Jack and the Beanstalk, Uncle Crumble's Mad Machine, Tanya the Tooth Fairy, Red Riding Hood in Fairyland....
Whootie Owl's Free Play Scripts (A Caterpillar's Voice and more!)
British Theater Index for Youth and School Theatre (lots of authors)
FreeDrama.Com Free or $10 if you sell tickets
Project Gutenberg: public domain literature and plays -- free!
School Musicals, Huge Casts, Simple or Complex, Classroom Music -- Lots to choose from. Not free but reasonable.

Song Links (all free)

Royalty Free Music by Kevin MacLeod
Classical sheet music to print off.
Am I Right: Huge collection of very funny popular song parodies - Free!
Monty Python lyrics

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Puppet Plays (all free)

A-Z Scripts & Puppets for Homeschoolers
Puppet Resources: Over 500 free plays, mostly religious.
Dino Jokes with Tyrone and Rex
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