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elcome to the section of this site devoted entirely to Gambit. Gambit has been many things to many people in his life, and we've tried to catalog every aspect of that life here. You'll find comic book reviews, a complete list of Gambit's appearances in Marvel comics and anywhere else, and a list of his most popular allies and enemies along with much more. Discover what each subsection holds in the index below, and visit them by clicking on the links to the left.


PROFILE: Gambit's vital statistics


MULTIMEDIA: Gambit wallpapers and sounds

BIOGRAPHY: The history of Gambit's life from birth to X-Man


FRIENDS: Biographies of Gambit's many allies, including Rogue, Jean-Luc LeBeau and Storm

QUOTES: The darndest things come out of that Cajun's mouth...


ENEMIES: No great man is without his detractors, and Gambit's are catalogued here, including Bella Donna Boudreaux and the New Son

APPEARANCES: Every appearance of Gambit in a Marvel book or other area


FUN STUFF: Just a little tribute to the crazy side of our favorite Cajun...
REVIEWS: Reviews of Gambit's comic book and two limited series