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ambit has a fast mouth, no doubt about it, and he doesn't keep quiet when the occasion calls for a witty remark or a suave line. His most famous (or infamous) quotes are collected below, along with a few choice remarks about the Cajun from his friends, enemies and creators.


"Playin' for keeps is still playin', mon ami, so take a card...ANY CARD!"
-Gambit, Avengers West Coast #101


"Every man has a price to charge and a price to pay."

-Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #350


"Forget of today, you can't afford me no more."

-Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #350


"Say to you, homme, what I said to the real Wolverine last time we tussled: bang, you dead!"

-Gambit to a Wolverine clone after he impaled him, unknown issue of X-Men


"You like it, chere? I get you one for Christmas."

-Gambit to Rogue, after she commented how much she liked the M’Kraan crystal, Animated Series Episode ‘The Phoenix Saga’


"'He' didn't know. Thought it might be something illegal...didn't know it would be somethin' so...awful. Changed me, that night did. Changed me hard. Sickened m'self so much I almos' died there too. Sometimes...wish I had. Couldn' stop de ones I'd gathered, so I helped whoever I could to get out. Managed ta snatch one little girl outta harm's way. Don't know who she was, bones stickin' every which way out of her face. But dat...dat was all I could do."

-Gambit, X-Men #47


"If I've learned anyt'ing about life wit de X-Men…it's dat anyt'ing is possible."

-Gambit, X-Men #92


"You will remember, Creed. 'Cause when you don't...I'll be here to remind you."

-Gambit, Uncanny X-Men # 326


"What's dat ole sayin'? Damned if we do..."

-Gambit, Uncanny X-men #343


"After all dis time--an I still manage to impress myself."

-Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #312

"For de first time since you dropped into dis century, you called me Remy. You tryin' to make me blush?"

-Gambit to Bishop, Uncanny X-Men #334


"So why's everybody callin' him 'Joseph'? What is dat all about? Maybe I should just start callin' myself somethin' different. James. "Gambit?" "No, I'm James." "

-Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #337


"Girl, don you ever listen? Wit'out you...I don't have much of a life!"

-Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #343


"Who? To my friends, de name's Remy LeBeau. To my enemies, it's Gambit! You can go on ahead an' forget dat first name right about now."

-Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #361


"If I made a list of things to do 'with your own two hands'--stirrin' gumbo wouldn't be on it."

-Gambit to Rogue, X-Men #8


"Admit it, mon ami, we actu'ly make a pretty good team...when we ain't tryin' t'kill each other."

-Gambit to Bishop, X-Men #47


"I know what you're t'inkin', ma petite. Dat Gambit...still de suave one, no?"

-Gambit, X-Men #81


"When you get really get mad, chere. You didn't kiss anyone an' absorb dem while I was gone, did you—someone like Blastarr, maybe—?"

-Gambit, X-Men #81

"Good thing I don't have money down on de ponies...dis ain't my year fer luck."

-Gambit, X-Men #83

" tell got a barf bag in yer costume?"

-Gambit, X-Men #84


"I never miss when I shoot f'r a pretty girl, chere."

-Gambit, X-Men #85

" den de bartender, he say to Thibedeaux...'cause dat's how these stories, they be told inna Bayou country, hien--pardonnez-moi, mon brave, but Gambit must deal wit' some more of your compatriots. Un carte, a little dash o' mutant energy, an' when it hits...une belle explosion! Bada-bing! Bada-bang! Bada-BOOM!"

-Gambit, X-Men #95


"Ooh, two at once? Not my style. Seriously."

-Gambit, Gambit #5


"Non...what you need t'do is give me more information--so I understand what I'm expected t'do--or did--I have a headache."

-Gambit, Gambit #12


(Thinking) "I'm the leader of the geek patrol. That makes me king geek."

-Gambit, Gambit #12


"Okay, our first order of business is...findin' out who--other than most of you in this room, that is--wants me dead!"

-Gambit, Gambit #16


"Look at dis here. I be the thief, chere...and there you go off stealin' my heart."

-Gambit, Rogue Ltd. Series #2


"What, Magnus? You surprised I hooked up wit' Lila? A boy needs lovin’, y'know. And wit' a love like yours and Rogue's, well, I couldn' steal her away from you now could I? What kinda gentleman would that have made ol' Remy LeBeau?"

-Gambit, Somewhere in AOA


"Everyone can relax...Gambit has returned."

-Gambit, Animated Series Episode ‘Days of Future Past’


"De name is Gambit! Remember it!"

-Gambit, Animated Series Episode ‘Obsession’


"Ahh, de good ole' days, when dis thief's only concern was the big score. Tell me, Yuio—how'd you and I ever get involved in dis whole hero gig?"

-Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #313


"Always did want one of dem weed whackers."

-Gambit, X-Men Annual '97


"I'm a t'ief when all else fails... an' all else failed."

-Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #361


"Rogue, I learned a long time ago...there's no point in worryin' 'bout what you can't have."

-Gambit, Cable #20


"You be surprised, Erik...the sacrifices a boy could make in the name of love."

-Gambit, Gambit and the X-Ternals #1


"See, de crystal wants somethin' in exchange for de shard. And I just realized de only t'ing I have t' offer... Dis is for you, Rogue, mon amour..."

-Gambit, Gambit and the X-Ternals #3


"We need no more killin' t'honor you. Take her powers, but not her life."

-Gambit to Candra, in regards to Bella Donna, Animated Series Episode 'X-Ternally Yours'


"Assassin kill Thieves, Thieves kills Assassins for three hundred years! No one knows why anymore! This feud is crazy!"

-Gambit, Animated Series Episode 'X-Ternally Yours'


"Dis is not my home. I am not Thief, I am not Assassin. I am an X-Man. And I'm never comin' back."
-Gambit, Animated Series Episode 'X-Ternally Yours'

Gambit: But I love you.
Rogue: You're honest with the people you love, Gambit.'s a gamble.

Uncanny X-Men #350


Cerebro: Security alert. Sector: Subrqur V
Gambit: In English.
Cerebro: That WAS English.

Uncanny X-Men #334


Gambit: I don't believe we ever met, Marko. De name is Gambit!
Juggernaut: That name is almost as dumb as yer 'bout if I just call ya ‘LOSER!’"

Uncanny X-Men #334


Marrow: No problemo. I boosted an old set of walkie-talkies from some maintenance guys in the tunnels.
Storm: Boosted?
Gambit: You stole radios?
Marrow: Gimme a break. I'm getting lectured on taking things by a pickpocket and a member of the Thieves Guild?
Gambit: Um, right...

Unknown X-book/issue


Gambit: A romantic moonlit flight through the mountains, cherie?
Rogue: If your armpits sweat on me, I'll drop you.

X-Men Annual #1


Rogue: What am I going to do with you, Remy LeBeau?
Gambit: I have a list, but I left it in my other pants.

Astonishing X-Men #1

Cyclops: That sir, is no way to treat a lady.
Gambit: Or Rogue neither, hein?
Beast: Myomy, talk about a man who loves to live dangerously.

X-Men #1


Gambit: Speaking o' which, whose 'Three Stooges Collected Works' video?
Cyclops: Ummm, that'd be mine. It, a gift...a wedding gift.
Gambit: Like I said, you're a lucky man, Scott Summers.

Uncanny X-Men #318


X-Baby Bishop: Hey, loser...don't mess with the X-Men. Even the little ones.
X-Baby Gambit: 'Specially the little ones.

X-Men #82


Xavier: You wanted me to get my mental powers back, monster... well, have them I do.
Nina: Bet you feel stupid now, don't you doodie-head.
Gambit: Well dat's a rallyin' cry if e'er I did hear one.

X-Men #84

Remy: Act'lly, Stormy...I came up here to de roof so that I could spend some time alone.
Storm: I do not believe you.
Remy: When I met you, chere, you were trapped in a twelve year old body...I thought, "Someday she'll grow out of being so stubborn."
Storm: No such luck.

Uncanny X-men #326


Remy: Y'believe dat, chere--dat sometimes a person can't...become something better?
Storm: I would like to believe there is always room for growth...for evolution of the soul. But, yes...there would seem to be some things--like the true nature of a person--that cannot be changed. And you, Remy...what do you believe?
Remy: Honestly? Not much o' anyt'ing at dis moment, chere...Not much o' anyt'ing.

Uncanny X-men #326

Sabretooth: Why...are you...doing me?
Remy: Because I want you to remember. Every one. When you go t'sleep at night...I want you t'see every face in every dream. I want you to wake up retching from de taste of their blood on your tongue. Eyes opened or closed, I want you to remember every life you shattered. De ones you killed...and de ones who died b'cause of you!

Uncanny X-men #326


Remy: Mon dieu, man--you're a mutant wit de power t'tear flesh and crush bone wit yer teeth and claws! Dey were all helpless!
Sabretooth: Don't make me remember!
Remy: Don't you dare turn away, Creed! Y'think your victims got to turn away when you pulled deir insides out!? People like us AIN'T ALLOWED t'forget!

Uncanny X-men #326

Remy: Sorry, mon ami. Other plans.
Rogue: But, Remy...Ah hoped...Ah mean...Ah thought...
Remy: Merci anyway chere. 'Sides, Rogue... Poppa always taught me "three's a crowd..."
Rogue: ...
Joseph: *Ahem*

Uncanny X-men #341


Remy: My fav'rite part was when y'waited for de exact instant he doubted himself...before y'gave him de coup de grace.
Sam: Thanks, sir.
Remy: Call me Remy, Sam. Or Joseph at the very least.

Uncanny X-men #341


Beast: Pay attention, class. That circle on top...? That's our pre-navigated destination. A stargate allowing us to traverse the lots o' lightyears between here and Shi'ar space.
Remy: And those small dots...blockin' our path? I supposed it's too much to hope dat's just snow.
Beast: Snow, it's not.

Uncanny X-men #342

Joseph: Gambit, I just wanted to thank you for supporting me back there. It means more than I can say.
Remy: Don't go gettin' all misty-eyed, mon frere--us untrustworthy types have to stick together, neh?

Uncanny X-men #342

Joseph: This is embarrassing.
Remy: For you, sure.
Joseph: But why is it my magnetic powers don't work on this alien metal?
Remy: Maybe 'cause it ain't metal? It's prob'ly some kind of polymer. But not t'worry. We'll improvise. I'll charge-up de wall...and release de kinetic energy stored dis. Voila!
Joseph: Remy, you are full of surprises.
Remy: Joseph, you don't even know de half of it…and here's hopin' ya never have t'find out.

Uncanny X-men #342

Joseph: Are you alright?
Remy: Never better, Magneto.
Joseph: I've told you before, Cajun...Do not call me by my former name again! That life is over, forever.
Remy: So you keep sayin', Mags...but I jus' keep on doubtin'.
Joseph: Is such suspicion born of a guilty conscience, LeBeau? What is the saying..."It takes one to know one?" But enough, we have a more urgent matter at hand.

Uncanny X-men #343


Rogue: Ah...saw what ya did. It must have been hard on you.
Gambit: No, Chere. Not having you in my life...? Dat was hard.

Uncanny X-Men #336

Gambit: ...dese people even accepted me. Dat should tell ya what a poor judge of character dey are.
Joseph: Point taken.

Uncanny X-Men #338

Rogue: G-Gambit. Gambit...Ah loved you. Ah...always...loved you.
Gambit: As if I'm gonna let you punch out on an exit line like dat, chere?

Uncanny X-Men #343


Gambit: Oh, th' pain. [His head is resting on her, ahem, chestoral area.]
Rogue: Hush, Cajun, an' get up!
Gambit: Mus' be paralyzed.
Rogue: Convenient position.

Uncanny X-Men #367


Gambit: Rogue...c'mon. chere--hang in there. Don't die, girl! Y'can't die, not now. Not when we were just…we could've...
Rogue: Don't do this, Remy...don't go gettin' all sappy on me now. We had our moments, sure...plenty of '' Ah loved...every single one of 'em...but it never would have worked...we know that.
Gambit: I love you, Rogue. I've always loved you. You need to know that.
Rogue: Never have worked...move on, Remy...just move on...

Uncanny X-Men #375


Archangel: I'm thinkin' back about a year ago, maybe more...somebody swiped a Matisse from my New York penthouse.
Gambit: Why you be lookin' my way when you say such things?
Rogue: Maybe, Gambit, because you're a thief.
Gambit: Not for a Matisse, Rogue. Remy's taste runs more to Cezanne.

Uncanny X-Men #379


Rogue: An' what kinda man are you NOW, Remy?
Remy: Dat's why I need help me find out...cause wit'out you girl...I'm afraid o' the answer.

X-Men #33


Gambit: On de count of 'three'?
Bishop: Why wait? Let's go on 'two'.

X-Men #46


Joseph: What was that all about?
Gambit: You tell me, Joseph—or Magneto—or Erik Lensherr. What name you goin' by today, mon ami?

X-Men #58


Rogue: White lilies are for death...that go for roses, too?
Gambit: Dear Lord...give me de strength.

X-Men #81


Rogue: Truth is, sugar...once you've had three or four personalities at a time runnin' in yer skull...altered states of reality become second nature. If y'all weren't in such bad shape...Ah'd actually be enjoyin' this!
Gambit: You're a very sick girl.

X-Men #82


Professor X: Walking into a trap is one thing--but to do blindly is--
Gambit: What's th' saying, Prof... 'Love is blind'? See you later.

Gambit #5


Gambit: We gotta get a move on, girl!
Rogue: Shame to end the date so early.

Gambit #5


Daredevil: Frick here.
Gambit: How come I get stuck bein' Frack?
Constrictor: If I wanted lame cracks I'd get my face kicked in by Spider-Man!

Gambit #11

Gambit: Doom's been missin' since Onslaught. This ain' him.
Sehkmet: Yeah, you're Mr. Ice. The fact five other Dooms showed up wasn't also a clue?
Gambit: Hey, Spock isn' s'posed t'make fun of Kirk in front of the aliens!

Gambit #12

Jake: Better than my plan, I guess.
Gambit: Which was?
Jake: To tell him ‘my friend got his head caught in the rice-picker.’
Gambit: Who's more the geek--you for quotin' Star Trek or me for gettin' it?
Jake: Definitely would be you.

Gambit #12

Gambit: Not at all, Madame. I am well accustomed to traveling in the company of a crybaby.
Jake: Hey!

Gambit #12

Gambit: Can't get a twelve-course meal at McDonalds.
Jean-Luc: Is that a Scots restaurant?
Gambit: Never mind!

Gambit #13

Jake: Remy, have I told you how much I hate you today?
Gambit: Jake…you--uhm...look...well...uhm...will you marry me?
Jake: Hate. You.
Gambit: Okay, okay--how 'bout jus' some hot lovin?

Gambit #13

Rogue: Keep gettin' a static charge from your kisses!
Gambit: Must be my electric personality.

Gambit #16

Rogue: I can read one of your 'woe is me' moods a mile away. No more secrets between us--remember?
Gambit: You're right. Fair is fair. No more secrets. So...what's your real name, Rogue?

Gambit #16

Rogue: It was like a good dream, wasn't it, Remy? Like God wantin' t'give us a few weeks of happiness for all the pain we been through.
Gambit: Yah. I'm sorry 'bout how I been--th' usual, we push each other away when we're scared. Guess it was my turn this time. Tag, you're it.

Gambit #16

Gambit: I don' think we even took five steps down the road toward known' what happiness really is—much less actually bein' happy.
Rogue: For two people who keep sayin' we want love...we sure do go an awful long way t'avoid it.

Gambit #16

Gambit: In th' meantime, I have to stay frosty. I get too excited, I'm liable to lose control.
Rogue: I guess 'break-up messin around' is out?
Gambit: Heh. Yah...

Gambit #16


Bishop to Gambit, in reference to a trick Gambit pulled that could have gotten them both killed:
Bishop: How many times have you tried that trick?
Gambit: Counting dis one? One.

Unknown X-book/issue

Gambit to Phoenix, in the Pentagon:
Gambit: You t'ink dey serve drinks at de late show?
Phoenix: I think the more nervous you get the more jokes you crack.
Gambit: Shh. Ancient family secret.

Unknown X-book/issue

Bishop: Why am I not surprised that this—STY is one of your old haunts, LeBeau?
Gambit: Now, now, Bishop, don' go letting appearances fool you. I mean, look at us! Who'd guess we were two of de most loyal, dedicated, trustworthy mutants in de X-Men?
Bishop: Indeed.

X-Men #47 

Grifter: Nice trick.
Gambit: I don't do tricks.
Grifter: Oh. Then how'd you get out of your shackles?
Gambit: Maybe I just ain't as dangerous as you are.
Grifter: Maybe. But I doubt it.

X-Men/Wild C.A.T.s Crossover, Silver Age

Rogue: You never give you?
Gambit:[Lying on her bed] What kind of thief would I be if I did, chere? An' look where it's landed me.
-Rogue Ltd. Series #1

Jean: I must confess, infuriating and arrogant as Gambit can be...those eyes, that grin, the body—it takes a girl's breath away.
Cyclops: Oh, really? When the next opportunity presents itself...remind me to drop a truck on him.

X-Men #1

"The lesson for today, Tovarisch? NEXT time your extremely WEIGHTY teammate is doing reconnaissance on an icy PRECIPICE... do NOT leap on his back and yell ‘CHICKEN FIGHT’."

-Colossus to Gambit after they have just barely been saved by Storm and Rogue from falling into an icy crevice, X-Men #82

"Gambit gets points for style and an A+ tush."  

-Sehkmet Conoway, Gambit #1

"You mean, someone was actually desperate enough to become...MRS. Gambit?!"

 -Jubilee in regards to Bella Donna, Unknown X-book/issue

"Chris [Claremont] described him as edgy and rough-and-tumble; He was charismatic rather than handsome, sort of a John Malkovich type. In retrospect, I probably drew him too good-looking."

-Jim Lee, on the creation of Gambit


Rogue: Bella Donna and I have been scoutin' out the area leadin' to the Assassins Guild while we waited. That and comparing notes on Gambit.
Wolverine: And?
Rogue: Apparently he has a mole on his...

Ghost Rider #26


"Gambit's kissed many women, chere, but loved only me."
-Bella Donna Boudreaux to Rogue, Animated Series Episode 'X-Ternally Yours'