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he image gallery is composed of three parts - images of Gambit from comic books, Marvel and otherwise, scans of Gambit's nine trading cards put out in the early nineties, and cover scans of Gambit's 25-issue ongoing comic book, plus variant covers and annuals. If you have any Gambit images you wish to contribute to the archive, please see the guidelines below. All images are copyright and trademark Marvel Comics, Inc. or are copyright their respective company of ownership.



  1. Images are not fan art. Only comic, cartoon, or trading card images may be submitted.
  2. Images should be no bigger than 1000 kb.
  3. Images must be submitted via email AS ATTACHMENTS. No copying and pasting.
  4. Next X reserves the right to alter (resize, retouch, ect.) any images that are submitted.
  5. Images must be in .JPEG, .GIF or .BMP format.
  6. You must clearly state three things in your submission email: your name, where the image is from (which comic, issue ect.) and where you obtained the image (web site, scan.)
  7. Please send all submission for the Image Gallery here. Type GAMBIT IMAGE SUBMISSION in the subject line of your email.