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Church of the Epiphany and Saint Rita,
Anglo-Catholic American Missal (NAORCC)

Balin 97131 Petit Canal
Guadeloupe Antilles- French West Indies.
Masses Sundays 9 am Thrusdays9am.
Fr.Luke Amadeo-Iezzi TOR
For information call 011 0590 590 24 45 28
or Email:

Saint Anthony of Padua Mission-Sanctuary
N D de Baie d' Olives
Saint Francois Guadeloupe.
Mass 1st Saturday 3pm Marian feast daysannonced.
All offices celebrated in french,english and spanish upon request.
Fr.Luke Amadeo-Iezzi TOR
For information call 011 0590 590 24 45 28
or Email:

The Anglican Church of the Caribbean and New Granada
(Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Cuba, Peru, Ecuador)
The Right Rev. Victor Manuel Cruz Blanco, Bishop Ordinary
mobil 315-8532461
tel 3554147
Barranquilla, Colombia, South America
Church Website

Missionary Diocese of the Caribbean, Deanery of Haiti (ACC)
The Very Rev. Jean Bien-Aime, Dean & Vicar General
0011509-405-4214 (mobile)
0011509-244-4933 (office)

Tapio--St. Therest d l'Enfant Jesus
The Very Rev. Jean Bien-Aime, Rector

Mononville--St. Vincent de Paul
The Rev. Baudelet Baptiste, Rector

Port au Prince--Notre Dame de la Grace Chapel
The Orphanage School
The Rev. Manigat Gassendi, Priest-in-Charge

Call the above phone numbers for information

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