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Shelter in the Storm (
     1235 Churches listed in the United States

If you are looking for a place to worship that upholds tradition, the 39 Articles of Religion or the The Affirmation of St. Louis and the Creeds and believe the Bible is the word of God and that marriage is between one man and one woman then check the list below for a church that worships in the Anglican style. If you know of any other traditional/orthodox Churches to add to the list please send the following information to

Church Name & Affiliation
Address, zip code and phone number
email & URL for church website
Name of Priest/Pastor/Rector

DO NOT send me only the URL to your web site and expect me to go hunt for your information.

Due to the route TEC has chosen to follow Shelter in the Storm
can not recommend any TEC churches.

We have done the best we can to make sure the churches listed are "safe" but it is your responsibility to check them out and ask the hard questions. May God go with you on your quest.
Note...This is not an Orthodox list, there are female Rectors listed for some churches. Please check if this is important to you.

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