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according to the 1943 Lectionary of the
USA 1928 Book of Common Prayer
Addresses intended for use by Layreaders in the absence of a priest
by Ed Pacht
Rochester NH

Many of our Continuing Anglican churches presently lack a resident priest, and must perforce be ministered to by Lay Readers, who, of course, cannot celebrate the Eucharist, and are not authorized to conduct the AnteCommunion, and thus will lead Morning or Evening Prayer. Since Lay Readers are not authorized to preach sermons of their own composition, there is a need for preauthorized homilies they can read. Since Morning and Evening Prayer do not use the same lectionary as does the Eucharist, it seems appropriate that there be homilies based on the lessons actually read. I was invited to prepare a series of such addresses, and the following are my humble attempt to fill that request.

This is the beginning of a series intended to cover every Sunday and major Holy Day of the 1928 American BCP, according to the 1943 lectionary as is most commonly used.

Each file, dealing with one Sunday or Feast, is intended to be printed (two-sided) as a booklet for use on the lectern. There are generally two sets of lessons for the Morning and two for the Evening for each Sunday, (printed out in full) and the attempt has been to provide a homily for each set of propers. Note that there is rubrical permission to use the Morning propers in the Evening and vice versa, so that there are four choices given for most weeks.
Humbly in Christ
Ed Pacht

Permissions are being sought from various bishops and jurisdictions for the use of these homilies. Thus far, two bishops have so authorized them, as follows:

Bishop D. Presley Hutchens, Ordinary of the ACC's Diocese of New Orleans, has recommended Mr. Pacht's homilies to the lay readers and clergy of his Diocese, writing "I am sending this to the layreaders ... for your use. I approve them and believe they will be a great resource for the year."
The Right Revd Damien Mead Bishop OrdinaryDiocese of the United Kingdom ANGLICAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
The Rev Canon John A. Hollister+ (ACC)

The booklet files are in Adobe PDF format. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader... HERE

How to print the booklets.
1. If your printer has the capability for two-sided printing simply follow the instructions for two sided printing and select short side stapling top. This will align the pages properly.

2. If you can only print one side, the easiest procedure is to simply press Print. This will make one-sided copies. To make a booklet flip ages, so that page 1 faces up, and page 2 faces down. There will be blank pages facing each other inside. Make sure that page 2 is rightside up. Face page three toward page 2, flip page 4 the same way as page 2. Continue. This will make a booklet. It takes twice as much paper and has the minor nuisance of a lot of blank pages, but it works.

3. If you can only print one side, and still want a two-sided booklet, it can be done by hand-feeding pages.

Put one piece of paper in the printer. Press print. It will do page 1 and stop. Take the printed page from the printer, turn it over and put it back in the machine, top of the page first. Resume printing. It will print page 2 and stop. If it printed on both sides and both sides are rightside up, just keep doing the same thing until it's all printed. If it' didn't come out right, cancel printing and start over, feeding it the other way.

Now you fold each page in half and staple. If you have a longnecked stapler that will reach the middle, put 2 or 3 staples through the center fold of the booklet. and fold it in half. Crease hard. If you don't have that kind of stapler, fold the pages and crease hard, then staple very close to the folded edge. If it's not practical to staple the booklet, it can be used without, but not quite so conveniently.

How to save the booklets
First make a file on your hard drive to receive the booklets. Click on the file name to open it then go to FILE (top left corner) and choose save as or right click on the file name and choose save link as.

COMPLETE BOOKLETS: Sermons and Scripture readings

Advent 1.
Advent 2.
Advent 3.
Advent 4.

Christmas Eve & Day
Christmas 1.
Christmas 2.
Epiphany 1.
Epiphany 2.
Epiphany 4.

Ash Wednesday
Lent 1.
Lent 2.
Lent 3.
Lent 4.
Passion Sunday
Palm Sunday
Maun.Thurs-Good Fri.

Easter 1.
Easter 2.
Easter 3.
Easter 4.
Easter 5. Rogation
Ascension Day
Sun. after Ascension

Trinity Sunday
Trinity 1.
Trinity 2.
Trinity 3.
Trinity 4.
Trinity 5.
Trinity 6.
Trinity 7.
Trinity 8.
Trinity 9.
Trinity 10.
Trinity 11.
Trinity 12.
Trinity 13.
Trinity 14.


Trinity 15.
Trinity 16.
Trinity 17.
Trinity 18.
Trinity 19.
Trinity 20.
Trinity 21.
Trinity 22.
Trinity 23.
Trinity 24.
3rd before Advent
2nd before Advent
Next before Advent

Jan 1, Circumcision
Jan 25, St. Paul
Jun 29, St. Peter
Aug 24, St. Bartholomew
Sept 21, St. Matthew
Oct 18, St. Luke
Nov 1, All Saints
Dec 28, Holy Innocents

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