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1918 Crown Road
 Florence, SC 29505
 Phone: 843.669.0532

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Hello and welcome to my web site! I free lance about 50 public/private parties a year throughout the Carolinas. Music for private parties includes everything from 'Bach to Rock'---all of the popular party music. All of my mobile equipment is Pro quality to include amps by QSC, speakers by Peavey and Mackie, CD players by Numark, Mini-disc players by Sony, mixer by Rane, lighting by MBT, and Shure SM-58 mikes. At all of my shows I have approximately 20,000 songs on CD. Also, we are using Otsjuke DJ computer software with about 3,000 songs in the database. Questions, comments, or just want to chat, use my e-mail address listed at the bottom of the page.

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My hat's off to BOB LIGER for his countless hours on this web site design.

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