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Congratulations! You have found that "special someone" and are now in the process of planning your wedding! You have a lot of decisions to make in the months ahead. This is probably the biggest event in your life and you want the entertainment that you choose to reflect the elegance that you have always dreamed of. We have specialized in Wedding Receptions for 16 years. Your DJ will be dressed in a tuxedo and will perform according to your wishes due to pre-planning sessions that we will have with you.

Party Sounds...To Go ! will pre-plan all of your reception activities prior to the event. Pre-planning allows you time to enjoy yourself at your reception - no 'surprises' or last minute decisions to make. During our pre-planning session we will discuss special songs and music mood for your reception as well as formal events that you wish to include for your reception. Most of our clients ask for a variety of music due to the diversity of your reception guest list. We take requests from you in advance, as well as from your guests at the reception. Our goal is to mix the music up so that we keep a steady flow of dancing throughout your reception.

By planning all aspects of your reception well in advance, your DJ will be able to perform his duties in a smooth and professional manner and you will be able to enjoy your reception without worrying about the details.

CEREMONY MUSIC - Party Sounds...To Go ! has 2 complete Pro Quality sound systems. If the ceremony and the reception are in the same location, we can provide a PA or music as required, to inlcude 'track' music for a vocalist(s). Traditional prelude music, wedding marches, etc. are available. For more information, e-mail us at, or call us at 843.669.0532.



I would like to thank Fred Salley for the use of the second and fourth photographs.

My beautiful daughters, Kristin and Kim, are in photographs two and three, respectively. Photographers are Fred Salley, Florence, S.C. and Michael Koska, Columbia, S.C., respectively.

Misty receiving instructions on how to start the circle dance. Sept., '03

How Much Should I Budget For Entertainment?

According to most reliable sources today, the average cost for a wedding is $20,000.00. About 10% of the wedding expenses should be set aside for the music for the ceremony and the reception, according to Modern Brides Magazine. 50% should be budgeted for the reception, 10% for wedding attire, 10% for photograpy, 4% for stationery, and 6% for 'extras' (church fees, marriage license,etc.)

The price for a DJ varies tremendously in our area. Do a little research to find the DJ that will perform to your expectations. The price range may vary several hundred dollars. Experienced 'Wedding DJs' will cost more, but the results are well worth the expense.

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A quick pose for the camera at Richard and Shelley's reception in Mullins. April, '03

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