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"It's About Time" - North Tower Band --- (North Tower Productions) --- There are 11 cuts on the latest project from the North Tower Band. Three original tunes are included: 'That's What Lovers Do', 'Since My Baby Been Gone' and a really good tune, and my favorite, 'Chasin' Dreams'. If 'Chasin' Dreams' does not make it to the charts, I will be surprised. The rest of the CD is mostly covers with the exception of 'Daydreamer' and 'Paula'. These two tunes were originally cut on 45s by NTB and were included in this project. The cover tunes in this project are mediocre with the exception of 'Rainy Night In Georgia'. This is a very hard tune to cover and I'll have to give the NTB kudos for their efforts here. Is this project worth the price of admission? Absolutely! And, as I stated earlier, keep listening for 'Chasin' Dreams' by the North Tower Band. --- January, 2004

"Southern Soul Review" - The Holiday Band --- (Ripete Records) --- The boys from Burlington, N.C. have another winner on their hands! There are thirteen cuts on 'Southern Soul Review'and there is something for everyone here including an excellent cover of 'The Lord's Prayer' which I plan on using in my wedding reception productions. Good covers of 'Sunny', 'Turn Back The Hands Of Time', 'Give It To A Good Man', 'No More Pain', and 'I'm Your Puppet'. My faves on this production are 'Front Seat Wishin' and the chart-topping 'I'm Man Enough'. I would like to see more original material from this talented band. --- March, 2003

"Six String Therapy" - Bryan Lee --- (Justin Time Records) --- A great album for jump blues lovers. There are 12 cuts here. Tracks 8 (Beautician Blues), 9 (Three Handed Woman) and 10 (Little Prince)will make the dancers happy! 'Beautician Blues' was definitely one of the top 3 most played songs during DJ Throwdown at the beach earlier this month. This is a well-engineerd album with some top names in the blues world playing with Bryan, to include Duke Robillard. --- March, 2003

"Full Tilt" - Various Artists --- (Bradley House Records) --- I received this compilation from Fred Shaw at Bradley House. This project is not complete at this time. As a matter of fact the CD Title - 'Full Tilt'is subject to change. But, I wanted to give you a 'heads up' on this one so that you can be on the lookout for it. Once again, this one will surely have something for everyone, even a couple of gospel shag tunes that everyone loves. We will do a follow-up on this one in the near future. Some of my faves on this one are 'Shake A Hand' - Toni Williams - What a voice!, 'Stone In Love With You' - Joel, 'Hey Baby' - the SugarBees (This band is hot as a firecracker! 'Hold You To Your Promise' is on a rocket-ride to #1 on the charts!) and Joe Simon doing 'There Is A God' with unbelievable background vocals. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated on this one. --- November, 2002

"Beach Party" - Various Artists --- (Ripete Records #2322) --- 16 cuts here. This is one of the best mixes of music for a compilation that I have seen in a while!!! Worth twice the price! Engineering and production are excellent. Some hard to find music of the past is here to include 'Reputation' by the Band of Oz and 'Edisto' by the Gone Brothers. There is new music from Bill Lyerly ('Stand By Me'), Steve Bassett ('Somebody's Gotta Do It'), SugarBees ('Give It To A Good Man'), and many more. Bo Schronce's 'Don't Look Naked Anymore' and Hack Bartley's 'Don't Wait Up On The Shrimboat' are also a part of this great package. 'Beach Party' has, without a doubt, something for everybody. I'm not going to get into my faves - too many to mention! --- November 2002

"Room To Breathe" - Delbert McClinton --- (New West Records) ---What can I say---this is DELBERT! I have been a huge Delbert fan forever. I do not think he is capable of recording a bad song. However, there is very little for us shaggers here. Of course 'New York City' is here and it is already on some charts. Also, 'Smooth Talk' and 'Ain't Lost Nothing' are very good. All three of the aforementioned require some tempo adjustment for dancing. Should I buy this one? Like I said, "This is DELBERT" and the answer is a resounding YES! November, 2002

"Footprints On The Ceiling" - Mississippi Heat --- (Crosscut Records) --- If you like your music a little on the "kicking" side, this one's for you! There are numerous good dance cuts here. Most of the DJs are pushing 'Footprints On The Ceiling', but personally, I'm a little tired of those lyrics even though Mississippi Heat adds a positive twist to the song. My faves here are 'Caribbean Sunshine' played at -4 and 'Hobo Blues' played at +8. October, 2002

"Rising" - Bruce Springsteen --- (Sony Records) --- A poignant musical commentary of the events of 9/11. A very good listener from beginning to end. There are 2 very good shag cuts here - 'Waiting On A Sunny Day' and my fave on this album -'Let's Be Friends'. This one is a must-have for your music collection. September, 2002

"Hot-Taw-Mighty II" - Various Artists --- (Shag Archives Records & CDs # 200201) --- Everyone always looks forward to Larry Edward's latest project and this one is no disappointment! 15 cuts here to include Brenton Wood's 'Aces Up Your Sleeve', Seth Walker's 'Miss Ann', Lisa Bourne's 'Tell Me Lies', and my favorite on this one - Matt Leddy and the Meat Cutter's 'Too Many Girlfriends'. Another must-have for your collection. September, 2002

"Beach Music Patrol" - Various Artists --- (Surfside Records)--- A very good project from General Johnson and the crew at Sufside Records. Several good cuts on this one to include Tommy Black's 'Sabrina', Sammy O'Banion's 'Love-a-fied', and my fave and one destined for the charts, Big John Thompson's 'One In A Million'. September, 2002

"The New Blues Sessions" - Ammon --- (New Blues Records #5959) --- Thirteen cuts here. A nice package, but everything seems to sound the same once you get into the disc. There are two standouts: "24 - 7 - 365" and "This Ain't A Song It's A Prayer". The latter is my fave and I can see this one making it onto the charts. August, 2002

"Forever Tams" - The Tams --- (Bradley House Records #1288 --- Only 10 tracks here and the selection of material could have been better from such a talented group. The previously released 'Flesh and Bone' featuring Jimmy Buffet is here and it is a very good song. My other picks on this one are 'Numbers' and 'Operator'. But, I do not see any Top 20 contenders here. August, 2002

"Maiden Voyage" - Sea-Cruz --- (Quickhouse Music #2319) --- This initial CD has made a splash with two of the cuts - a remake of 'You Bring Out The Boogie In Me' and 'Baby, I'm Yours/Make Me Your Baby'. I do not see these songs to be long-lived on the charts; they just do not have the 'hook' that you find in the top 10 songs. But, it is a very good introduction CD. I look for bigger and better things from Sea-Cruz. July, 2002

"Down South Jukin'" - Men of Distinction ---(Ripete Records)--- This long-awaited CD is NO disappointment! Twelve cuts here. I love the sound of (lead singer) Paul Craver and the boys. A good listener from beginning to end. My faves on this one are 'Don't Be Afraid (To Show How You Feel) and another one destined for the charts - 'Bees That Way Sometime'. July, 2002

"Shellhead Party!" - Carolina Beach Club ---Self-Produced --- Wow! This band has really come together with a great sound. They have been around a while, but since their last CD, they have really matured. If you like R&B with a hint of Buffett, this one's for you. My faves on this one: the ballad - 'No Woman, No Cry' and the upbeat cuts 'Dance With Me' and one surely destined for the Top 10 on the shag charts - 'Tears on My Pillow'. This is a must have for your collection. April, 2002

"I Give My Heart To You" - O.C. Smith --- RubyJude Records --- This album is exactly what one would expect from one of beach music's megastars. O.C. Smith passed away in the Fall of 2001. This compilation will have a special meaning to beach music lovers all over the world. The album contains the previously released 'Save The Last Dance For Me' and 'This is Gonna Last Forever' as well as a lot of new material. My faves on this one - too many to mention. This one is a "must have". April, 2002

"Musically Yours" - Second Nature --- Ripete Records #2315 --- This band out of Camden, S.C. is so in demand for wedding receptions, etc. that they rarely have time to stop and spend some time in the studio. But, the wait was well worth it! A very complete listening package. Some beach, some boogie and some very good ballads. My fave on this one, 'Only You Will Do'. Be sure to add this one to your collection. April, 2002

"I Believe In America" - Various Artists --- BradleyHouse Records #1231 --- Run, don't walk to get this one! One of the most inspirational patriotic albums that I have heard in a long time. 20 cuts here to include the Holiday Band, Flashbacks, Bill Pinckney, Maurice Williams, Billy Scott and the list goes on and on. Some great covers of the greatest patriotic songs in American history as well as some original material. Bill Pinckney and Ting Shields do an absolute 'killer' job on America The Beautiful. Fred Shaw, owner of BradleyHouse Records, does an outstanding job on a song written by a lady in Marion County, S.C., 'Honor Bound Hero'. Hell, I didn't even know he could sing without a crowd! There are a few shaggable cuts on this project. 'Amen' by Maurice Williams is filling the floor for me. You can find it at Judy's House of Oldies in North Myrtle Beach or go to March, 2002

"Over The Rainbow" - Band of Oz --- Ripete Records #2304 --- I'm a little disappointed in this album by such a great band. Why? Twelve cuts here and mostly covers of songs. Some of the covers do not fit the image of the Band of Oz in my opinion. To name a few, 'I Saw Her Standing There', 'Hooked On A Feeling', 'I Love The Nightlife'. However, there are two 'Killers' on the album, 'Baby's Got My Number' and 'One Foot Draggin'. Also, you will find 'Over The Rainbow' for the umteenth time. February, 2002

"Boogie In A Minute" - Various Artists --- Written and published by Jerry Holt --- This one was put together by Jerry Holt of North Myrtle Beach. This is a very good package, but will be a little difficult to find. Call Jerry at 1-800-235-8896 and I'm sure that he will get a copy in your hands. My faves on this one, 'Custom Made' by Patrick Wood and another one destined for the charts, 'One Track Mine' by Spring. --- October, 2001

"Dining Out" - Holiday Band --- Ripete #2312 --- This group just keeps getting better and better! 12 cuts here and all have something to say. My faves are 'Heart to Heart' and a cover that is already making a big splash - 'After The Lovin''. --- October, 2001

"Yardbirds and other Peckers" - Griff --- Ripete Blues #6014 --- This is classic Griff. Just put it on and let it roll! All songs with the exception of one were written by Griff. My fave on this one, 'Undercover Lover'. --- October, 2001

"Let's Dance USA" - Various Artists ---Ripete Records #2298 --- 20 cuts here. Several older songs such as 'Walkin' Dr. Bill', 'Hot Nights' and 'Over The Rainbow' are on this compilation. But, there are several new thangs, too. My faves on this one - 'Got Me Goin' by the Coastline Band and 'Ain't Misbehavin'' by Dan Penn (This is the 'Memphis Women and Fried Chicken guy). This is a good one to add to your collection.---September, 2001

"This Is Beach Music Volume II" - Various Artists --- Forevermore Records #50176-2 --- Run, don't walk, to buy this one! 16 cuts and all are good! Something for everyone here. From smoothies to middle of the road shag to good jump blues. My faves on this one are almost too many to mention, but I'll name a few. 'Seven Chances' by the Legendary Dukes, 'Concrete Jungle' by Jackie Gore and the Tams, 'Maybe Baby' by The Showvinistics, 'What's Wrong With You' by Michael Wayne Deese, and one that's sure to make a splash on the charts - 'Love Don't Come No Stronger' by Craig Woolard.---September, 2001

"Sax On The Beach" - Louie Lupo & The Swaggers --- Forevermore Records #4609-2 --- Great sax work by Louie, but only two cuts really caught my ear. The first, So Rare/Beyond the Sea has been previously released. The second, Tribute to Junior, is a tribute to Junior Walker's music. Instrumental CDs very rarely make it in the shag market and this one falls in that category. But, if you are a lover of good sax music, this one's for you.---September, 2001

"Live Close By, Visit Often" - K. T. Oslin --- BMG Entertainment #BNA07863-67007-2 --- The title song is a killer and is on just about everyone's Top 20 list! But, as far as shag cuts, that's it folks! I listened to the entire CD (12 cuts) and found it to be quite an enjoyable listener - worth the price of admission. There are several good ballads here.---September, 2001

"Groovin'" - The East Coast Band --- Ripete Records #2306 --- 10 cuts here to include 8 covers and 2 original songs. Only one song caught my ear on this one - the title track 'Groovin'' - it is a very good cover and should do well for the band.--- June, 2001

"House Calls" - The Groove Doctors --- Ripete Records #2309 --- 11 cuts on this one. 'Has that Bradford and Bell mellow sound all the way through. My faves on this one - 'The Cakes My Baby Makes' and another one destined for the charts - 'Ellaree'.---June, 2001

"Singin', Swingin', & Shaggin'" - Jonathan " Jon Boy" Bolding --- Self Produced --- Where did he come from? 20 cuts on this one. Backed by the Charlie Miller Orchestra, this well-produced project is loaded with several good 'covers'. My faves 'Wee Baby Blues', with a killer keyboard player and 'Summer Place'.---June, 2001

"Shakin" - The Flashbacks --- Ripete Records #2310 --- Larry Pope and the rest of the group are fresh out of the studio. This latest project has 10 cuts. My faves on this one are 'Steamboat' with Bill Pinkney, 'Let the Good Times Roll and a good cover of the ballad - 'People Get Ready'.---May, 2001

"Summer Place" - J.D. Cash --- EMN Records # 2001 --- This long-awaited CD is everything it promised to be. This compilation is one of the best produced/engineered projects that I have heard in a while. This is J.D. at his best. You'll find his chart-topping 'Summer Place' here as well as 'What A Difference a Day Makes', 'Smile and Dream', and many new covers. My fave here, and destined to be a chart topper, 'Shangri-La'.---May, 2001

"Hot-Taw-Mighty" - Various Artists ---Shag Archives Records #SACD 200101 --- " Nineteen more dance favorites from Shag Archives." Enough stuff here to keep your feet busy for a while! My faves on this one " Can't Sleep At Night" - Rawls & Luckett and " My Babe" - Home Cookin'. My advice to Larry Edwards, Shag Archives proprietor, put the artist/title info. on the tray card in a format more easily readable for us senior DJs/music lovers.---May, 2001

"Kickin' Up Dust" - Delta Riders --- Rubyjude Records #6201 --- Joe Graziani at his best!! Twelve cuts here featuring some great jump blues. My fave on this one, the killer - 'Black Cat Bone'.---May, 2001

"A Tribute To Fat Harold's" - Various artists --- Ripete Records #2295 --- A very good mix of 'something old and something new'. Several proven winners here by Billy Swan, Griff, Big Al Downing, and others. Twenty cuts total. Of particular interest (and my faves on this one) are new songs by The Band of Oz - 'Baby's Got My Number', Gary Bass - 'Please Don't Go', and a new studio version of 'She Poured It On' by The Coastline Band. This is another one that is a must have for your collection.---April, 2001

"My Sweet Thing" by Bobby Stringer---Three Gems Records #TGS-000-124---That classic soulful sound, in his own way. Definitely has that Roy C. influence. This CD was released in 2000 and has gone virtually unnoticed until it was brought to my attention by Ripete recording artist, Will Thomas. Only one shag cut on this one, but it is big - 'Turning Point'---March, 2001

"Nothing Personal" by Delbert McClinton---New West Records #NW6024---This long awaited for CD is worth the price of admission! 13 cuts on this one with 3 good shag tunes: 'Livin' It Down', 'Gotta Get It Worked On', and 'All Night Long'. My fave on this on (and certainly headed for a top 10 spot) is 'Livin' It Down'. These songs require some tempo change for shagging, but for the casual shagger, don't let this bother you. It is quite a package!---March, 2001

"Dancin' Mood" by The Red Hot Pokers---Ripete Records 2294)---The backing ensemble for Van Morrison with his guest, Linda Gail Lewis on the Fall 2000 forty city US tour. A versatile group exhibiting a Cajun flavor on several cuts to include one of my faves on this one 'Don't You Lie To Me'. My other pick on this one, 'Morning, Noon and Night', a good cover of one of Big Joe's old standards.---February, 2001

"Working Up A Sweat" by Kerry Michaels---(EMN Records #8802)---I was privy to some of the rough mixes on this CD several months ago and I knew right a way that this was going to be a killer upon release and I was not disappointed! This is another one that is excellent cover to cover. Kerry gets a little help from Rodney Dickerson on 'When Something Is Wrong With My Baby'. If this combo doesn't make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up, nothing will!---February, 2001

"Shaggers Beach Music Favorites II" --(Surfside Records #SR2012CD) --- A 2 CD set containing 23 cuts of Carolina Beach Music's Favorite Artists. They are all here from the old to the new. What a bang for the buck! My faves on this one, too many to mention here.---January, 2001

"Washed Ashore and Ready For More" by The Carolina Beach Club---This is a relatively new group on the beach music scene. There is a good mix of covers as well as new material on this album. The studio engineering is a little weak on this one, but I feel sure that this band is going nowhere but up. My faves on this one: 'Lonely Girl', 'Every Waking Moment' and 'Big Daddy's Place'.---December, 2000

"Party In A Box" by Steve Bassett and The Mystic Soul Bubbas (Sunzup Records #SR 001)--- Another " must have" ! This one is loaded front to back. Steve has a lot of help on this one. You might recognize some of the names: Delbert McClinton, Sammy O'Banion, Don Wise, Janice Barnett and the list goes on. My fave on this one---'Welcome Home'---December, 2000

"Beach Music City Limits" by Sammy O'Banion and Mardi Gras (Surfside Records #SR 1017)---To be honest, I was not a Sammy O'Banion fan until this album came out, but I am one now! Maybe his work with General Johnson has influenced his sound, who knows, but this is a must have. It is very good from cover to cover. My favs.? The whole album! Just cue it up on track #1 and let it roll!---October, 2000

"The Bad Boys of Beach Music Volume 2" (EMN Records #7733)---Without a doubt, this is a must have! Ben Edwards and his staff at EMN are to be commended for an excellent production. My favs. on this one: 'What a Difference A Day Makes' and 'Smile and Dream' by J.D. Cash, 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' by Gary Brown and 'Summer Wind' by The Entertainers---October, 2000

"Anybody Seen Her?" by Gary Bass (Ripete #2297)---In my humble opinion, this is Gary's best effort yet. My favorite on this one: 'Little Bitty Pretty One'---October, 2000

"Painted Blue II" by Griff (Ripete Blues #6013)---Griff has a sound all his own. I love to just kick back with a blue-hand Bud and listen to Griff; there is something soothing about his blues style. My favorite on this one: a ballad called 'I Can't Believe'---October, 2000

"Living Large: 2000 Pounds of Blues" (Murray Brothers Blues Records #MB 2000)--- I LIKE THIS ONE! Being a lover of kick --- jump blues this one fills the bill. It is the swing/jump-style from beginning to end. My favs. on this one: 'Big Stella's Peepshow' and 'Roll Over and Turn Out the Lights', 2000

"All Aboard, Too" (Ruby Jude Records #5202)---16 cuts and every single one is a winner! My hat's off to Judy Collins for this production. My favs. on this one: 'It Must Be Love' by the Hardway Connection and 'My Kind of Girl' by Billy Scott---October, 2000

"Talk That Talk, (Dance That Dance)" - Various Artists (Forevermore #FVR-5012-2)---22 cuts on this one to include Susan Trexler, Sammy O'Banion & Mardi Gras, Bob Collins & the Fabulous Five, the Dinner Dogs and many more. My two picks on this one are Keisa Brown's 'Refreshing Love' and Milt Matthews' 'I Ain't Got No Love'---October, 2000

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