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htmlGEAR - part of the Lycos Network The premier place for FREE SITE ADD-ONS from the Lycos Network. Free guestbooks, polls, and other interactive add-ons for your site! Sign up now!

guestGEAR guestGEAR  

Obtain and manage visitor feedback in an easy-to-use guestbook! Our guestGEAR has more options than any other guestbook out there, and it's the simplest to use! Discover some of the great ways to make the most of this Gear!
Users can completely customize their sign-form, choosing from radio button, text boxes, pull-down menus, and multi-select boxes, among their options.
Users can change their form at any time and the old entries will retain their settings while new entries will appear in the new format.
Make your site more interactive.
Gain valuable feedback about your site.
See what your visitors to your site have to say.
Complete customization features to match your site.
The guestbook editor is chock full of features.
Screening manager options for entries including image, HTML, and profanity filters.
Privacy options for visitor entries.
Receive e-mail notification when visitors add entries.
Customizable automatic e-mail replies to visitors.
Modify guestbook content at any time with ease.
No downloading or knowledge of HTML is necessary.

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guestGEAR example

guestGEAR example

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