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The Winners!!

The Winners of the: Brilliance On Ice Excellent Site Award

Figure Skating Encounters

Official Abitbol & Bernadis Fan Page

Elegance Defined: Michelle Kwan

Luc Chen: Grace on Ice

The Official Upcoming Skaters Page

Michelle Kwan: A Champion on Ice

Jennifer's Michelle Kwan Page

Oksana Baiul: A Princess on Ice

Elvis Stojko: On A Mission

Kristen's Figure Skating Page

Jenni Meno & Todd Sand Fan Page

Island Girl's Surya Bonaly Site

TVCat's Todd Eldgredge Page

Michelle Kwan: A Figure Skating Champion

Megan's World of Fiugre Skating

Lisa's Michelle Kwan Fan Page <

Devon's Tara Lipinski Site

Joyce's Figure Skating World

Tanja Szewczenko: Skating's Sweetheart

Ladies of Figure Skating

Jayson Dénommée Online

Jamie Sale and David Pelletier

Christine Hough and Doug Ladret

The Toe Pick Club

Katie's Figureskating World

Nothing but Skating

Rachel's Wide World of Figure Skating

Tara Lipinski: Power of A Dream

Gordeeva and Grinkov: Russian Magiv

Angel on Ice

Canadian Synchronized Skating

Eve Chalom and Matthew Gates

Tara Lipinski:Champion of Ice

Kathleen-Annie's Skating Page

The Unofficial Michelle Kwan site

Poetry in Motion: A Tribute to Michelle Kwan

Nina's Oksana Baiul Page

Michelle Kwan: A Skating Angel

The Cutting Edge

Scarlett's Web lt;/a>

Unoffical Michael Wiess Fan Page

Oksana's Tara Lipinski Site

Angel's Heaven on Ice

Yukiko & Manon's Figure Skating page

Jenny's Michelle Kwan Page

Silver Blades

Heaven on Ice

Internet Figure Skating Club

Kings and Queens of the Ice

Bourne and Kraatz Central

Taz's Skating Lair

Tara Lipinski - The Golden Girl

Totally Tara Online

Spectacular Skaters Online

Symmetric Ice Crystals/ Precision Page

Charisma's Skating Page

The Stieglers: Magic On Ice

Brilliance On Ice Site Of the Month Award

July's Winner -- Symmetric Ice Crystals/ Precision Page

August's Winner -- Taz's Skating Lair

September's Winner -- Jenny's Michelle Kwan Page

October's Winner -- Canadian Synchronized Skating

November's Winner -- Angel on Ice

December's Winner -- Gordeeva and Grinkov: Russian Magiv

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