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Poems about H&R

J is for Joy of Skating O is for Oh yeah when the skate is GREAT! D is for Dang when the skate is not so good. E is for Energy put out when skating Y is for Yellow as the radiant sun N is for Nationals that come every year E is for Every Fan that you have H is for the Higgorice, an awesome lift I is for I think your the greatest G is for Greatness on ice G is for Going as far as possible to achieve your goals I is for International competitions N is for Natural ability and talent S is for Skate Canada 1995 when H&R won bronze A is for Answered prayers N is for Not enough time in the day, it seems D is for Determination to continue no matter what the obstacle S is for Special pairs skaters in Canada. E is for Exactly precise on the Side-by-side moves A is for Another great training day N is for Nothing goes right on a bad day R is for the Riggins, another spectacular lift I is for International training C is for one of Canada's top pairs teams E is for Everything that H&R have sacrificed to skate

Brilliance On Ice

It is a chance of a lifetime Everything is riding on this one skate The pressure's on to deliver The skate of your life. Everything you've ever worked for Is riding on this moment. You skate to your opening positions After being called on the ice. The music starts, You jump into the program. OOPS! Almost jumped too fast And the music is behind you. "Slow down! Relax, enjoy the performance, And ATTACK!" you tell yourself. You feel yourself slipping further and further behind. You feel so helpless and so alone out on the ice. Then! Something hpapens, Whether it is a jump that you land, a face in the crowd, or And encouraging word from your partner, You start to feel inspired to skate your best. The performance is almost over You know that you've done the best you can And that is all that matters. That skate was perfect. You hit the finishing positions The crowd just erupts with cheers. And you feel proud representing your country. You skate off the ice to your coach And wait for the marks. They don't matter to you Knowing that you did your best is what matters. The marks come up Your unsure of the placement Then your names flash at the top of the score board You've won! You've done your best! And you did it with an inspired performance. It was truly Brilliance on Ice.

NOTE : No one is allowed to use these poems with out consent from me. If you would like to use these poems please send an e-mail to: Kathleen . Thanks!

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