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Christine Hough & Doug Ladret

Congratulations of Christine Hough-Sweeney and her husaband Don. On April 25, 1999 they became parents of twin boys -- Jarrod and Tyler. Congratulations and hope everything is doing well.

This site has been designed to keep alive the memory of the best pair in Canada. The partnership is no more but the memory of this pair will forever be etched in our memory. For those of us that had the opportunity to see Christine and Doug live will always carry something with us. We saw the team in action, how they connected to the crowds.....something that not many pairs have today.

The first time I saw Christine and Doug was in the 1988 Olympic Games. I thought to myself WOW! That team is awesome! And they were. The pair combined speed, grace, charisma and love of the sport. It all came out when they were skating. I have had the chance to see this team live 3 times -- 1990 Skate Canada Fours Competition, 1990 Skate Canada Parade of Champions and 1995 Skate The Nation. I knew this pair had something special about them the first time I saw them live. When the pair stepped out on the ice they came alive; the audience knew it so they too would come alive and just scream. The loudest I heard the crowd in the Sportsplex where I live was when Christine and Doug finished "MY SHARONA". The only other time I heard the crowd so loud was when Kurt Browning finished his performance at 1995 Skate the Nation.

So anyway take a look may find something special in this pair too! :-)

Last Updated: September 24, 1999

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