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Brilliance on Ice

This page is dedicated to:

Jodeyne Higgins and Sean Rice

who are the perfect example of brilliance; technically and artistically

Copyright J. Barry Mittan

For those of you who do not know who Jodeyne Higgins and Sean Rice are: They are a pair's team who live, train and compete for Canada.

Jodeyne Higgins and Sean Rice have been skating together since the summer 1991. They appeared in their first competition, 1992 Junior Canadians, and took the bronze. The next year they racked up some great placements: Bronze at Nebelhorn, Fourth place at Nation's Cup, Bronze at Canadians and Tenth at World Championships. Since that magnificent year when figure skating fans saw a breath of fresh air from Jodeyne and Sean, there have been ups and downs.

What sets Jodeyne and Sean apart is their ability to communicate to the audience their love for skating. You see it in everything they do: the lifts, jumps, spins. Everything. They might not have the titles and honors that other pairs do, but my eyes, Jodeyne and Sean are PURE GOLD!

Last Updated: December 12, 2000



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