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Bullet Bob's Trike Page

7 October 2004
Hey All!! Well I am alive and kicking and the last time I updated this page was back last December. Since that time Samantha has turned one. Not much has changed except I have been to the desert a few more times and come back and am gone again. Since we have opened up for business with our leather web site, we have moved up in the world and are now setting up at local poker runs and other places. Also, the home decore web page has now changed to a wholesale site open to the public. Again, as far as the leather site goes, please don't be turned away by the low prices, we do not sell at retail. And since our beginnings, we have shipped items to more Military and BTW members all over the world than I could possibly count. To them I would like to say thank you!! I am working on the links as we speak so that there will be a clickable picture to take you right to the her page. If for some reason it does not work email to contact my wife and she will send you the link directly. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT WHILE I WAS IN THE DESERT, A SIMPLE EMAIL FROM YOU GUYS GIVES A MORAL BOOST MORE THAN YOU KNOW AND GIVES ME AND THE REST OF THE SOLDIERS, AND SAILORS A PIECE OF HOME TO CARRY AROUND WITH US! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Hey all, My name is Bullet Bob. I am an Active Duty Staff Sergeant in The United States Air Force. My wife Venus (AKA Catgirl),9yr. old daughter Savanna, 3 year old son Asa and 1yr month old Samantha I live in Hope Mills, NC which is about 15 miles South of Pope AFB base and the house is only 3.8 miles off of exit 41 on I-95. If you are going to be in the area please let us know, we have plenty of room here at the house and everyone traveling is more than welcome to drop on by for a hot shower, warm meal and at the least a soft couch to crash on.
I have created this page because I know how hard it is to find information on Trikes anywhere. I am not an experianced Trike builder but if you Email me with your question, I am sure I can either answer it, or give some sort of advise for you or point you in the right direction. I have lots of contacts from which I can get information on Trikes in general. I also have a Vast amount of information about the Rupp Centaur and information on the things needed to covert a stock Rupp to a VW driven Trike. If you have any questions or comments about the site I am only an E-Mail away. Also, send me any Trike pics. with the information you would like to have seen with the pic. and I will be sure to add it to my online album. Also be sure to check out my links page, there are many resources to other pages that just might be what you are looking for.

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My '74 Rupp Centaur In The Making
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If you would like to have your Trike listed for sale (wheather it is a Rupp or not) please send me all the information that you would like to have posted along with any pics. I will not put in any information you do not send me, so please make sure that the information you want posted is all there. Once the picture is listed I will send you back an E-mail so that you can view the post and confirm that everything is correct. None of the Trikes posted below are owned by myself unless otherwise advertised and all information is supplied by the owner, I am only the supplier of the information. Thanks All!!
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