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Tim Nine's Trike Page

Hello Everyone and thank you for visiting my Trike Page. I am the BTW North Carolina Chapter State Director. All of the Trikes you are about to view have been built from the ground up by myself. If you have any questions about any of these trikes, I will be glad to answer any and all that I can.

For those of you interested I can built you a custom trike to your specifications. I also own and operate my own salvage yard. I carry a wide variety of parts for a wide variety of cars that might be otherwise difficult to find.

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This is The "Saabster". The Saabster is powered by, you guessed it a Saab engine and transaxle. The motor is a 140hp Saab that cost me quite a bundle to build. This particular picture was taken at Daytona.

The caonopy is removable with a few pins as is the rear luggage rack. When I remove both of them it looks like a dragster. I have been asked if i had any problems with the canopy being blown off or wind resistance. My answer to that is "NO" with the way the canopy is mounted and the angle in which it comes down and meets with the windshield the wind goes right over the top eliminating both wind resistance and drag.

My Fiat Based Trike

I Still have my Fiat based trike and have been asked many times if I wanted to sell it. The answer to that is "NO" however I can build you one like it. Just contact me if you are interested.
Karen's 450cc Honda Rebel Trike