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1975 Restored Rupp and Rupp Rat For Sale

This is a 1975 Rupp Centaur Trike which was Professionally restored by me. I have been restoring Rupps for almost ten years. The entire frame and any metal parts are powdercoated, not painted. All the chrome is new N.O.S or replated. The original motor is 100% rebuilt. It is powered by a Kohler 340cc Rupp snowmobile motor and can carry two people. This unit is as close to new out the door from 1975 as you will ever find. I had a mold made of the 8ft long body and this body is 2 times thicker than original and perfect. I also remade the front fender and trunk. The Rupp Rat in tow is one of the rarest Rupps ever made. They only made them in 1974 and there is very little information out there about them. The Rat is also restored, it came with a 5 hp motor originally and has a newer version of the same make. I promise you this is the only Rupp Trike in the world towing a Rupp Trike. This set up is priceless and would make anyone look like they owned one of the most rare and unusual motorcycle collectibles in the world. Since the restoration this summer I have put on about 700 miles on it. I have only been to one bike show with it that had over a hundred restored and custom bikes and won "best of show". You need to email or call me for more detail information. ( You must pick it up or arrange for shipping. The complete set up is 20,000.00 or best offer. That includes the custom made trailer hitch and the trailer.
Email Me Here For More Details