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Converted Rupp Centaur's Page 1

Here you have a Rupp where the body has been modified a little bit. The front has been fiberglassed in and the sides have been extended towards the ground to give it the lowered effect. You can also see where some custom plating has been put in the console area. If you own a Rupp then you already know what it looks like in the cock pit. You can also see the gear shifter, right in the center of the body, between the drivers leg's. Someone took some time in this project with the body work and custom plating. I do not know who the owner of this Rupp is But if you own it or know who does, please get in contact with me so that i acn give the owner credit and maybe get a few more pictures and more info on this machine.

Custom Rupp Centaur

This is a picture of a Rupp Centaur that has been completely customized. I do not know what year this is, but somebody went all out. you can see that the original front end has been replaced by a Harley Davidson Springer and a custom rim added to that. Also if you look at the rear, the whole turn signal/brake light housings have been re-done and re-molded to give it a super extra flair. Also, the interior from what you can see looks as though it was done by a professional. Again, I do not know who the owner is, but if you are the owner or know who is please get in contact with me so That I can give credit for this AWESOME RUPP CENTAUR!! and add some more details and pictures for this machine.

Donna Phelps Rupp Centaur

This fine looking machine belongs to Donna Phelps. She is the Minnesota Chapter Sectretary.