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This is a peculiar form of Self Teleportation. The hero can disintegrate his body, transport his lifeforce any distance, and then create a new body out of materials available at the destination site. The Power shapes these into a form that resembles the hero's self-image but whose physical properties may be those of the materials that compose the new body.

Upon attempting to form a new body, the hero must make a Power FEAT. A green FEAT shapes existing material into the hero's basic form. A yellow FEAT converts the material into those substances that composed the hero's original body or current self-image, he was transformed into his current physical form. A red FEAT enables the hero to create an altered version of his selfimage. Examples of a red FEAT include additional forms or ones of different sizes.

Obviously, most heroes with this Power cannot carry objects, passengers, or clothing. The hero shows up stark naked unless he makes a red FEAT and generates a costume. If the hero has the Power of Ionization (for nonliving matter) or Body Transformation - Others, then he can carry passengers or loads when using the Power. The load limits are determined by this other Power. Just like the hero, such targets are disintegrated and given new bodies at the destination. This assumes the passengers are cooperative. Uncooperative passengers cannot be transported in this manner. Period.

When creating the hero, the player has 2 options. At a cost of -1CS to the Power rank, the hero can be given the ability to only temporarily disintegrate his original body. When he returns to his original site the body automatically rematerializes. Normally the new body is created out of the particular type of matter (animal, vegetable, mineral) that most resembles the original body. This limits the sites where the hero can reform. At a cost of -1CS the hero the hero can create new bodies out of whatever material is available, regardless of its nature.

The Power can be diminished or destroyed by mental Powers that alter the hero's self-image. If the hero loses his self image, then the next use of the Power results in his bodily annihilation and conversion to a Free Spirit. Barriers that incorporate Force Field vs. Mental Attack are impassable if their Intensity rank is equal or greater than this Power's rank.

Optional Powers include Clairvoyance, Free Spirit, and Serial Immortality - Spontaneous Creation.

The Nemesis is Force Field vs. Mental Attack.

Range: Column E.