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Body Transformation - Others

The hero can alter the nature of elements and compounds within a living target's body. Innate safe-guards in the Power maintain the target's lifeforce for as long as the target is in the altered state. Such states are not necessarily mobile, but if they are, they may require the target to move in new ways.

While in a solid altered state, the target retains his overall normal appearance. If liquid or gaseous, he can assume any shape but can still automatically revert to his original shape when the Power's effects end. When transforming a target, the hero normally changes the entire body unless the player states beforehand which specific section he is changing. The safeguards still take effect, but the target loses sensation in the affected areas. Transformations can take any of 3 basic forms:
When creating the hero, the player decides the form of change in which the hero specializes. If random generation provides this Power again, the player can select another form or add +1CS to the first form chosen. Since this can be considered an attack, the target can choose to resist; he can also forego resistance if he so desires. Power rank determines the Intensity of the effects on the target, the range at which the effects can occur, and the duration of the effects. Normally the Power is used on a single target. Each additional target reduces the effects by -1CS.

Range: Column A.