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Magic Control

The Mage can alter the behavior of pure Magic itself, whether it is in a raw or applied state. The Mage can control the actions of any Magic within his range and capabilities. If the Magic is free of a living Mage's body, the Power rank of that Magic determines what Intensity FEAT is required. For example, a Ty Controller needs to make a red FEAT to control a Gd rank.

If the Magic is internalized within another living Mage, the necessary FEAT is determined by the other Mage's Psyche. For example, a Mn rank is required to even think about manipulating Dr. Strange's magic.

If Control is achieved, it affects the entire rank of that Magic. The range at which a Mage can Control Magic is determined by his own Power rank.

The Power can be made to affect either a specific type of spell or all the spells of specific Mage. In the first case, Control is exerted over all spells of the chosen type within the Mage's range, regardless of how many other Mages are affected. For example, the Mage might negate all Flying spells wfthin a certain area. In the second case, Control is exerted over a particular Magical adversary and affects all the spells that Mage possesses. For example, the archsorceress Jen'tmril reduces Rolthes' Spells to Fb level.

The duration of the Control lasts a maximum number of minutes equal to the Power rank number. After the expiration of that Control, it must be renewed. This can be done indefinitely.

The range at which Control can be exerted is determined by the Power rank. Control is directed in a straight line; it is not automatically an area effect. If the Mage desires an area effect, the sphere he creates has a radius equal to -4CS range. For example, Ex Control can be exerted over a 6-area range or surround the Mage with a field that surrounds only his body.

There are 3 forms of Magic Control. When creating the Mage, the player can choose any single form at full Power rank. Additional forms can be gained by decreasing all Control ranks by -1CS for each additional form. The player can select forms himself or let the dice do it.
Manipulation: The Mage can alter the flow and application of Magic. He can change the direction of a cast spell's energies with a green Power FEAT. He can alter the effects of a spell by a yellow FEAT. He can completely change the nature of the spell by a red FEAT. For example, Rolthes casts a Fb Fire Generation at Jen'tmril; she Manipulates the flames into a spray of rose petals. The Mage need not actually possess the new spell the old one was Manipulated into, but the new spell must be something harmless to either combatant.

Magnification/Reduction: The Mage can either increase or decrease the rank of the affected Magic by his own Power rank number. For example, by means of a red FEAT and Rm Control, a Mage could change an In spell to either Gd or Mn rank. Unfortunately, the one thing the Mage cannot affect is his own Magic.

Negation: This is an extreme form of Reduction. The Mage can completely dispel any Magic within his scope. Spells completely dissipate. Things affected by the dispelled Magic revert to their original condition. Mages are reduced to Normal Humans (or whatever). The worst effect is on Magical Creatures. The loss of Magic may be damaging or even fatal to such beings.
Undesired Control can be avoided by Dodging a directed attack, moving out of the Control's range, or by the use of such Powers as Force Field vs. Magic, Resistance to Magic, and this Magical Power. Successful resistance enables the would be target to retain his normal Magic, at least for now.

The Nemesis is an opposing or higher ranked form of Magic Control.

Range: Column A.