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The hero can emit a field that decreases light and radiation. The obscured energy's Intensity is lowered by the Power's rank taken as Intensity. The energy forms that can be affected by this Power are Light, Heat, Hard Radiation, Radiowaves, Energy Doppelgangers, and Energy Bodies.

The hero possesses the ability to affect only Light when his Power is at Gd rank. At each rank above Gd, he gains the ability to affect another energy form in the following order: EX-Heat, RM-Hard Radiation, IN-Radiowaves, AM-Energy Doppelgangers, MN-Energy Bodies.

This Power includes the ability to see clearly through his own natural or Power-created shadows of Intensity less that the hero's Power rank.

The Power can disrupt Darkforce Manipulation on a Ty Intensity FEAT if its rank is higher than that of the Darkforce manipulator, Rm Intensity FEAT if they are equal, and Un Intensity FEAT if the Power's rank is lower.

Optional Powers include Shadowshaping and Darkforce Manipulation.

The Nemesis is Light Emission.

Range: Column A