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This is not Darkforce Manipulation; that's handled elsewhere. This Power enables the hero to affect normal shadows and, indirectly, light as well. The hero can shift the location and size of normal shadows. He can form them into 2-dimensional images that can do Power rank damage to real targets. The hero can also Remote Sense through these shadow-constructs. The hero can increase or decrease the Intensity of any shadow, whether natural or Power-based, by his Power rank number. This overlaps with Light Generation and Shadowcasting but differs in that either effect is possible and only existing shadows or shadow-related Powers are affected.

The hero has the ability to see through any shadow as if it were a normally-lit area, provided its Intensity is less than or equal to his Power rank. This does not apply to Darkforce, however.

This Power includes Power rank Resistance to shadow-based Powers.

This has the Bonus Power of Shadowcasting.

Optional Powers include Light Control, Energy Sheath, and Energy Body. In the last 2 cases, the hero resembles a living shadow.

Range: Column B