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Mental Barrier

This spell creates a magical invisible headgear which does not hinder the caster's normal senses. It allows the caster to know when someone is trying to intrude on his thoughts, magically attack his mind through mesmerism, illusion, etc. It does not indicate who is doing the attacking or intruding, nor does it reveal what spell is being used.

In the round following the one in which the hostile spell is detected, the caster can, secure the barrier, preventing illusions, telepathy, empathy, etc., from affecting the caster. It also protects him from magical attacks on the mind (Emotion Control, Confusion, Fear, Mental Control, etc.) by giving him a +3CS for any Psyche FEAT roll to resist the attack. While the barrier is up the caster can perform no spells that require a great deal of concentration.

Treat the spell rank as Body Armor for the sake of defense against attempted mental penetration by non-magical powers.

Note: The Judge should make sure this spell is not abused. A character who constantly has the barrier up will become easily exhausted and can even suffer Psyche loss due to the mind damaging effects of trying to always be mentally protected. The maximum safe duration rank is Ex(20).