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Emotion Control

The caster can magically control the emotions of others, but the caster must establish some link with the target, such as gazing into the target's eyes or talking to the target for a brief moment. The caster must make a successful spell rank FEAT roll to establish control (see the Magic Effects Table under Psyche-Mental Control, treat a successful roll by the caster as a hold). This spell can only affect a single target in the area of effect. The target is allowed a Psyche FEAT roll to attempt to resist this form of mental control. If the target fails his resistance FEAT roll, his emotions are under the caster's control and subject to the caster's suggestions. The caster can summon love, fear, hate, etc. and force his foe to react to those emotions. These emotional upheavals override the target's normal emotional inclination. The caster may only "summon" 1 strong emotion at a time and only control one target at a time. The duration for the emotional control is the duration of the spell. When the spell expires, the victim regains his normal emotional reactions.