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The caster can mystically make his body non-corporeal and become an apparition. (This should not be confused with Astral Projection, as that power takes the caster to another dimension and he is invisible to most characters in this dimension.) Once the spell is cast, the caster need not concentrate upon his state to remain an apparition. As an apparition, the caster can still move, speak, cast spells, and perform most other normal actions. His movement rate is the same as if he were corporeal, but he can walk on air, sink through floors, climb up elevations as if he were climbing stairs, etc.

When a caster becomes an apparition his body loses its density, allowing him to pass through solid object and letting solid objects pass through him. The caster can be seen, but is obviously not completely solid. This power grants the caster Body Armor equal to the spell rank against any physical, energy, or mental attacks. If the apparition/caster physically attacks another character, that character must also be treated as though he has Body Armor equal to this spell rank. Magical, mental, or energy attacks against the target are treated as normal.

To pass through a solid object, or have a solid object pass through him, the object's material rank must be equal to or less than the spell rank. In addition, the caster can lower the density of an object he touches by making a spell rank FEAT roll and, if succeeding, keeping it in his possession.

Note: If the player wishes to make a concentrated effort at creating a character who appears like a ghost, striking fear and terror into criminal hearts, then the Judge should keep this effect in mind when the caster walks through a wall, drops through a ceiling, etc. and faces anyone. A character encountering this apparition, especially for the first time, must make a Psyche FEAT roll or react as described in the Fear power. There is a price the caster has to pay for this extra "power", however. This frightening effect on people only works if the caster is not famous, thus cutting off his Popularity and some sources of Karma gain. He must remain relatively reclusive and unknown so the criminal element does not recognize him.