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Power Duplication

If the hero acquires this Power, the player should immediately set aside all his previously generated Powers and not roll any more. The hero can use his Macro-Power to duplicate the characteristics of any other Power. The Power ranks for the duplicated Powers is equal to the Macro-Power's own rank. Such Powers remain as long as the hero concentrates on maintaining their existence. Unfortunately, the hero can only Duplicate a single Power at any 1 time. Switching Powers takes 3 turns.

The hero must be exposed to a Power in order to later duplicate it. Such Powers must be used within 10' of the hero. A green FEAT enables the hero to store the Power for later duplication.

It is assumed the hero has been exposed to others' Powers at some point in his past. Initially the character has a limited number of Powers he has already encountered; these are represented by Powers already generated but set aside. If this was the first Power the hero generated, then randomly generate a single Power.

The hero rapidly gains Powers by duplicating those of companions or foes. Since the Power must be used, foes can be a hazardous source of new Powers.

The hero has a finite number of Powers he can duplicate. The maximum number is equal to his Power rank number. If the hero exceeds the limit, the new Power replaces an old one.

The act of analyzing a Power for later duplication takes 3 turns. In no way does this affect the source of the Power.

The hero can develop a Power Stunt that enables him to duplicate Talents as well.

The Nemesis is Mind Drain.

Range: See Above.